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G18k Pinky Promise Pearl Necklace

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Pinky Promises aren’t just for best friends in primary school. They follow us well into adulthood when someone trusts us with their heart and soul. Giving her the gift of the Pinky Promise Pearl Necklace is the best way to let her know you carry her heart safely and plan to give her the eternity that is represented in any circle included the one encompassing our luxurious timeless pearl.

Pearl Size: 11-12mm
Pearl Type: Edison
Grade: AAAA
Color: Bronze Pink, Natural
Luster: High Luster with green overtone
Pearl Shape: Round
Gemstone: Zircon
Pendant & Chain Metal: G18k Solid Gold
Pendant Size: 0.6″ * 0.75″ (1.5cm*2cm)
Chain Length: 16″or 18″ (40cm or 46cm) Adjustable