About Us


In 1999, I found my life fraying. My parents were in the middle of a messy divorce and I was on my own for the first time, preparing to attend university alone in France. Thirteen years later, I would go through my own difficult divorce.

Amid all these changes and endings, my mother was a steadfast and loving support. As I scoured France for pearl necklace to show her my gratitude, I was overwhelmed by the high prices and disappointed that I could not afford this gift I most wanted for her. When I later saw my mother wearing a strand of luminous pearls, gifted from my uncle, I got curious. I learned everything I could about pearls, and though I didn’t know it at the time, this was the earliest beginning of Timeless Pearl.

In learning about pearls, I tapped into my love of art, and I found a rich metaphor for life—both of which I needed to share with the world. These radiant jewels are formed slowly over many years, layer upon layer of protection against a harmful, invasive element. In forming a pearl, the mollusk does not expel the harm. Instead, it’s encased in rare and hard-earned beauty.

Today, I have a wonderful family and a young son. My mission is to share my love of pearls, these elegant tributes to strength and resilience. I want to bring this lasting beauty to everyone, without the high price point. Pearls are a gift to ourselves and our loved ones, with the message that we too are luminous, rare, and timeless.

The Edison Pearl

Our signature pearl is the Edison, the only cultivated hybrid pearl in the world. Large, with superior luster, multiple colors, and a perfectly round shape, these pearls have been researched and refined for decades by leading experts.

And yet they remain one of the most affordable pearls on the market. Because Edison pearls are grown in freshwater environments that are easier to maintain and quality control, their cultivation is far more cost effective than standard saltwater pearls.

Our farms grow Edison pearls for four years to develop a luster that is guaranteed not to fade. Cultivated with a hybrid technique that uses well-known saltwater methods within freshwater mollusks, Edison pearls are truly unique in their strength, beauty, and affordability.


The nacre thickness determines the durability and elasticity of a cultured pearl and is one of the most important qualities. Our Hybrid Pearls grow for 4+ Years which gives them a thick nacre which gives them color, luster and appearance and can last a life time. 

“I love the pearls I got from Timeless Pearl. They were far more beautiful than I first expected. I intend to buy the bracelets for all my bridesmaids"

– Alice Pitoëff



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