A Pearl Themed Valentine’s

A Pearl Themed Valentine’s

Life is made up of a few moments all strung together like pearls. Each moment is a pearl.” - Joyce Hifler

The day for celebrating love and romance comes just once a year, and nothing says romance like pearls. 

Are you wondering how to spice things up this Valentine’s? Rather than just settle for another ordinary date night, why not transform it into an enchanting pearl theme that neither of you will forget?

Your Valentine’s evening is as sexy and memorable as you make it. Think of it as a blank canvas you can dress up and adorn however you like, and make the occasion your own. With today's variety of styles and colors from sassy and playful to elegant and classic, there is a pearl for every mood and occasion.

The history of saying “I love you” with pearls is celebrated in our blog ‘A Husband’s Gift Through the Ages. Now ladies, let’s look at how you can make the most of these precious gems to show your love for him.  


Jazz Up Your Date Night Outfit

Whether you’re going out or staying in, for whatever your style there is a complementary pearl to enhance your ensemble. Here are a few ideas:

Powerful and Edgy with Leather. A leather outfit is hard for any man to resist. A leather pencil skirt or pants with a loose top is perfectly paired with the Giant Baroque Pearl Leather Choker or Silver Gray Endless Pearl Necklace for an even sexier look.

Curvy and Classic with a Black Dress and Heels. You’ll never go wrong with a curve-hugging little black dress and a pair of killer heels. Add some color with the Caroline Edison Pearl Necklace.

Elegant and Feminine with a V-neck Dress. The clavicle is one of a woman’s most beautiful features. Help your neck and collarbone steal the spotlight with the Winning Wings Pearl Choker or the Pearl Studs with Heart Drop Earrings.


Not Just for Wearing

Pearls are always appropriate.” - Jackie Kennedy

Staying in for your date night? Then you have free reign to creatively decorate your surroundings for a seductive ambiance that no restaurant can match. Get out the candles and the pearls hidden away in your jewelry box to make your Valentine dinner at home extra luxurious and ravishing.

  • Dinner Table – Not just for adorning your neck, class-up the table centerpiece by arranging a lustrous string of pearls around the base of a candle that will glow with the reflecting light, such as the White Endless Fashion Pearl Necklace.
  • Wine Glass – Your hooked earrings are the perfect pearl charm for dangling from the champagne bucket, or around the wine glass stem, like the Sparkling Snowflakes Pearl Earrings.
  • Dessert Dish – Dress up your plate of Valentine chocolates with a luminous pearl necklace wrapped around the edge or drizzled throughout the plate. Or pendants, brooches, and pins will sparkle up an ordinary array of treats.  
  • Bedroom – Draping your lampshades, dresser, and candles, or your bed frame and headboard will create a warm and sexy ambiance, where you can both leave the world behind. 

Search Pinterest for more delicious ideas to decorate with the timeless elegance and versatility of pearls, and make this Valentine’s date night extra special.