A Husband’s Gift Through the Ages

A Husband’s Gift Through the Ages

The heart of man is very much like the sea, it has its storms, it has its tides and in its depths, it has its pearls too.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Of all the ways to show love in the form of a gift, men have harnessed the beauty and elegance of jewelry as a symbol of their adoration throughout the centuries. History is filled with such stories of extravagant displays of love through the gift of a gem that tops them all – pearls. 

Our post, The Servilia Pearl: The Gift of the Ages tells the legendary story of Julius Caesar’s gift of a large single pearl to his favorite mistress, which equated to a worth in today’s currency of approximately 1.5 billion dollars! 

Another historical account is the Queen Joséphine’s pearl necklace as a love testimony from Napoleon, consisting of 112 natural pearls, which sold for approximately $3.5 million USD in 2014, as shown in this video 'Napoleon's Love Testimony'.

Luckily, everyday people now have access to the affordable luxury of pearls that in history, were only attainable by royalty and immense wealth.


A Gift to Match the Strength of Your Bond

Relationships are like pearls, which have gone through times of grit and hardships to form a strong bond between husband and wife. Giving the gift of pearls is symbolic of the strength and beauty of not only your wife, but of your marriage. By its very formation, which is unique in all of nature, a pearl symbolizes the culmination of that journey by its formation to a radiant gem of strong nacre and luster.

Pearls are revered for their unique creation inside another living creature. This gives it qualities that are not found in other jewelry such as diamonds, and why pearls are considered the gemstone of nourishment and nurturing, and symbolize love, patience, loyalty and integrity.

Like harsh grit polishes a pearl to a radiant jewel inside an oyster, we see the same qualities of strength and luster in those we love, and naturally want to give a gift that matches their essence, and the strength of our bond.  


Say ‘I Love You’ With Pearls

Without having to say a word, pearls are an easy way to make her feel like a princess, while showing your love.  

Today’s cultured pearls are ethically harvested, and modern cultivation practices produce affordable options of extraordinary luster in a rich variety of colors and sizes. No longer reserved for only special occasions, pearls are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry to compliment a woman’s wardrobe.

Casual, classy, delicate or bold, there is a pearl for every woman of any age that will suit her perfectly. With their opulent beauty, versatility and affordability, it’s no wonder why many husbands choose pearls as a gift for their wife. No matter the occasion, be it to celebrate her birthday, anniversary, her accomplishment or for no reason at all, pearls tell her how much she is loved.