A Grand Mother’s Day: Celebrate the Generations

A Grand Mother’s Day: Celebrate the Generations

It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.” – Christopher Morley

Who are the luckiest women on Mother’s Day? Those who are themselves celebrated by their children, but who can also in turn celebrate their own mother. 

As we come from our mother, so too are pearls formed from a living being, with a gestation period of creating luminous layers of nacre inside an oyster.

It is the gemstone of nurturing qualities, and our blog, Mother’s Day - Celebrating Her Pearls of Wisdom reflects on why pearls are the perfect gift to match the strength and luminous wisdom of our mothers. 

This year, show the grandest of mothers your love with pearls all her own. 

The Chain of Love We Cherish

Grandparents and grandchildren, together they create a chain of love linking the past with the future. The chain may lengthen, but it will never part.” – Unknown

As the bridge that connects the past and future generations of the women in your family, the role of grandmothers is vitally important. Grandmothers give us something stable that endures - a connection to our own past, a hope for our future, and a continuum of family heritage.

The pandemic showed us how precious it is to spend time with our grandparents whom we cherish, and the pain of separation. So this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to honor and celebrate your grandmother with an elegant, classic gift of pearls to match her strength, style and grace. 

An Era of Beauty and Style

One friend came up with the name ‘Glam-ma’, short for Glamorous Grandmother. I loved it!” – Carol L. Covin

The generations that came before us were fashionable and classy, with no-nonsense wisdom that can often be overlooked in today’s complicated world. They have plenty of practical advice that is just as relevant today to keep us grounded and centered.  

You’ll love our blog, 10 Pearls of Fashion and Beauty Wisdom from Grandmothers That We Can All Use which lists a collection of grandmother’s timeless beauty and style mottos to live by. 

Just as a pearl symbolizes the culmination of a long journey to a radiant gem of strong nacre and luster, there is hardly anyone who will appreciate the gift of pearls more than your grandmother. You don’t have to look far for the perfect gem to match her style! 

The Mommy & Me. Grandma & Me collection makes it easy to shop in one place for so many choices of elegant gifts to perfectly match the grandma in your family. The Elegant Baroque Pearl Necklace will transport her back to an era of art, literature, music and fashion. She can pin the Feel the Wind Edison Pearl Brooch to her sweater, scarf, jacket or bag and be reminded every day of your love. The Angel Wings Baroque Edison Pearl Necklace perfectly captures her wisdom and strength as your guardian angel.

Delight your grandma this Mother’s Day with the timeless gift of pearls!