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July 21, 2020

Thursday, 23 July is national Gorgeous Grandma Day – the perfect opportunity to celebrate the timeless truths about beauty and style that the generations that came before us knew so well. Timeless Pearl searched far and wide for the best advice grandmothers have given on the topic, and we found real pearls.


#1: Don’t try to be anybody but yourself

A contributor to shares this as something her grandmother taught her. “Be the best person you can be… it’s too hard trying to be someone you’re not.”



#2: “Put on your brightest lipstick and pull yourself together”

We can only add this: put on your pearls too. Nothing says confidence like a bright lip and a pearl earring (or a whole string of pearls, for that matter).


#3: “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you look good doing it”

We couldn’t agree more. Remember when Bette Davis didn’t get the Oscar she thought she would at the 1963 Oscars? She still looked good losing that Oscar.



#4: When in doubt, go with a plain white pearl

Ok, fine – the original advice is actually that you should go with a plain white shirt. But we all know that a simple white pearl goes with anything – even jeans and that t-shirt. And if you’re wondering why you should add pearls to the t-shirt, see number 9.


#5: Match your belt and shoes, but don’t be too matchy-matchy

Just because something is sold as a set, doesn’t mean you always have to wear it together. Alternate between the pieces, or combine them with other interesting pieces in your accessory collection.


#6: Remember to moisturize, use sunscreen, and wear a hat

You know how soft your grandmother’s skin is? You know that beautiful old lady without the spots? She followed this advice.



#7: Keep it simple

Pearls don’t need other adornments like flashy stones or intricate designs. While they go well with practically anything, they are also perfectly capable of standing on their own. And keeping it simple means cutting out the possibility of making a fashion faux pas.



#8: Spend the biggest portion of your fashion budget on good quality staples

A good coat, a quality set of pearls, leather shoes, and a practical, sturdy handbag are things you will use over and over, which means high quality will make your money go further. Besides, it’s easy to brighten up an outfit with a cheap, high-fashion item – but a quality staple can’t be faked.



#9: Rather overdress than underdress

This one may seem strange to say in the same breath that grandma said to keep it simple. But keeping it simple doesn’t mean you have to show up in shorts and slops. Put on a closed shoe and a neatly pressed long skirt or pants if you don’t know what to expect. If the event you’re going to turns out to be more casual, you can always kick off your shoes – but if it’s more formal, you’ve lost your opportunity.



#10: Start from the inside and work your way out

Research has shown that people who are involved in their community and look after their friendships live longer and are happier. And a happy person is a beautiful person. So call your friends for a catch-up.

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