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G18k Forget-Me-Not Purple Pearl Necklace

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Inspired by Tatianic’s jewels that Rose tosses into the ocean, it’s a romantic reminder that true love goes on forever. The design is luxurious and feminine. Forget-Me-Not Pink Pearl Necklace gets its name simply for being undeniably memorable. The blue crystal centered atop a luminescent timeless pink pearl is an angelic pop of color.


Pearl Size: 12-13mm
Pearl Type: Edison
Grade: AAAA
Color: Purple, Natural
Luster: High Luster
Pearl Shape: Round
Gemstone: Zircon
Pendant & Chain Metal: 18k White Gold Filled
Pendant Size: 0.5″ * 0.75″ (1.3cm*2cm)
Chain Length: 16″or 18″ (40cm or 46cm) Adjustable