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March 16, 2018

According to some of the leading fashion magazines, this year’s Spring season predicts an interesting mix of colors.

Here are the colors that will steal the show this Spring according to the fashion industry experts – and how to wear them with pearls. Because nothing is as stylish as a timeless piece of pearl jewelry.


Pastels and Pearls

Lavender, soft pink, sky blue and mint green pastels had a solid spot in most of the top fashion ranges. It looks as though designers are making use of the feminine feel of pastels and pairing it with striking color blocking and edgy jewelry and makeup, such as a very red lip. We think these pieces will go perfectly with the new trend:

Jewelry suggestions:

Dancing Girl Pearl Brooch/Pendant

Lion Pearl Brooch

Spring Statement Pearl Necklace


Bright Red and Pearls

Red is here to stay for another season. Whether you’re doing red lips, a red dress or red shoes, the color speaks boldness and energy. Pair it with these eye-catching pieces.

Jewelry suggestions:

Fire Butterfly Champagne Pearl Necklace

Elegant Red Pearl Necklace

Peony Flower Pearl Brooch

edison pearl necklace


White and Pearls

Every time the seasons change, white again shows its timelessness and versatility. And 2018 is no different! White made a prominent appearance in the 2018 fashion forecasts and we couldn’t be happier, because pearls love white. Just look at a few of these beauties below: perfect for everything – from every day to your wedding day.

Jewelry suggestions:

Golden Circle Pearl Ring

Cross Pearl Stretch Bracelet

Golden Mabe Pearl Necklace


Violet and Pearls

Finally, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year made a prominent appearance on the catwalks in all its glorious shades – from pastels to brights, in matte fabric and even with a bright metallic shine.

Jewelry suggestions:

Golden Globe Purple Pearl Necklace

Mystery Purple Flower Pearl Earrings

Honey Bee Pearl Long Necklace/Brooch

Edison pearl necklace Edison pearl earrings


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