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February 12, 2016

Have you ever felt excitement blended with anxiety when you get ready for a date night – especially with a new guy – wondering what you’re going to wear? At Timeless Pearl, we know exactly how you feel. Let’s help you choose an attention-grabbing first date outfit that will knock his socks off.

Pearl jewelry is the perfect complement to any outfit and style. Here are some date night outfit ideas that can help you find your inspiration:

Sexy Leather

No man can resist a leather outfit. Leather is powerful and edgy. Choose a leather pencil skirt to show some leg or leather pants with a loose top if you’re going clubbing. Pair it with this Planetary Pearl Necklace for some added sex appeal.


Rock ‘n Roll

If you’re going to a concert, washed-out skinny jeans and a tee with pumps are your best friend. If you’re brave, leave the flats at home and put on some killer heels. Wear these Classic Double Drop Earrings with your outfit to give it some edge.



For dinner and drinks, a curve-hugging little black dress will be perfect. The LBD is bold without being too flashy and speaks of confidence. Add some color with your shoes or with this green Jade and Pearls bracelet.



A floral dress says you’re sweet and feminine, yet daring. It’s perfect for an outdoor event and works well from day to night – just throw on a denim or leather jacket, and you’re ready to go. Choose a flattering shape and a color that complements your skin. Boost your outfit with the Secret Garden Pearl Necklace.


Classic Denim and Stripes

If dressing comfortably is more your style, consider wearing fitted jeans with a striped tee. It’s the perfect outfit for going to the movies and grabbing pizza afterward. This Clover Pearl Ring will match perfectly with this kind of outfit.


V-Neck Dress

Show off one of women’s most beautiful assets – the collarbone. Show your clavicle some love with a V-neck dress. Pair with earrings or a cuff such as the Golden Pearl Cuff with its lustrous pearls and exquisite clear cut crystals. This statement cuff will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Choose a Date Night Outfit Unique to Your Style

We all like to put our best foot forward when going on a date, which is why we dress up and take time with our appearance before we go out. But be true to your own style and let your personality shine through when choosing your outfit and jewelry.

Valentine’s Day is about love. If you’re single this year – love yourself! There’s no reason you should not go out with friends and treat yourself to an enjoyable evening.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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