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October 19, 2016

It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume for this year. Halloween is around the corner, and finding or making your perfect outfit can take some time, especially if you still don’t know which costume to choose. We’ve come up with some pearl inspired ideas of who you can be this Halloween.

1. Holly Golightly

Who doesn’t want to be the famous, sophisticated New York socialite, Holly Golightly? Channel Audrey Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s with your sexy black dress, long gloves, and sunglasses. And don’t forget the pearl jewelry! Our Sacred Love Pearl Necklace and Glittering Pearl Stud Earrings will fit in nicely with your Holly Golightly Halloween outfit.

sacred Love Pearl Necklace


Glittering Pearl Stud Earrings


Joined Hearts Pearl Necklace


Elegant Giant Pearl Choker


Glittering Pearl Stud Earrings


2. 1920’s Flapper

Whether Zelda Fitzgerald, wife and muse of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby (written by F. Scott Fitzgerald) is your icon, a flapper dress is a fun costume for Halloween. Wear a jeweled headband over your wavy bob hair, or bob wig, with an art deco bracelet, long strings of pearls, or chandelier earrings. The key here is abundance. Our Pearl Cluster Earrings and Three Strands Pearl Bracelet will complement your flapper Halloween outfit, elevating you to the life of the party.

Pearl Cluster Earrings


Three Strands Pearl Bracelet


Three Strands Pearl Bracelet


3. Girl with a Pearl Earring

You may not be the life of the party with this outfit, but you will certainly make an impression when looking sullenly over your shoulder through an old frame the whole evening. This outfit is easy to make: construct a headpiece from blue and mustard linen, and wear it with a yellow or brown cape. What you wear at the bottom doesn’t matter, as artist Johann Vermeer decided to leave something to the imagination. You don’t need a lot of makeup to make this outfit work – a red lippie is all you need. Instead of a purse, carry an old frame around to … ahem … frame your torso. And of course, the central piece of this outfit is the pearl earring! Our Raindrop Pearl Earrings or Shining Stars Earrings are the perfect pieces for your Girl with a pearl earring Halloween outfit.

Raindrop Pearl Earrings


Shining Stars Earrings with Timeless Pearl


4. Goddess of the Sea

Mermaids and pearls are both creatures of the sea and fit naturally together. Wear a green or blue fin-like tapered skirt with a bodice that you can decorate with shells, pearls, and seaweed. A headpiece from a piece of net, seaweed, shells, and pearls will give you goddess status. Pair with our Seashell and Pearl Necklace or Golden Shell Pearl Necklace with your Sea Goddess Halloween outfit to affirm you come from a mysterious world within the ocean.

Golden Shell Pearl Necklace


5. Vintage Zombie Bride

No Halloween outfit roundup is complete without a scary costume. Find an old vintage dress from a thrift store, preferably something with lace, and layer on the pearls. The most important part of this outfit is the makeup. Use dark eyeliner to outline the eyes and smear kohl eyeshadow around the eyes. Red lipstick can paint the illusion of blood, and if you want to go extra spooky, get to work with a fake blood mixture on the dress. Tease your crown for a hair-raising effect (pun intended) and add a ripped net to a tiara to complete the vintage zombie bride look. Our zombie styles will give you the freedom to create the best walking dead bride Halloween outfit your friends have ever seen.

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Halloween Costume


Elegant Giant Pearl Choker


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