Pearl Jewelry for the Contemporary Art Lover

Pearl Jewelry for the Contemporary Art Lover

Do you secretly spend your bucks on prints of your favorite artist? Or perhaps your favorite hangout is an art exhibition on a Friday night and you don’t own a house, but you do own an original painting that hangs against your rented wall? Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of thinking pearl jewelry is old-fashioned or even classic. Because while it can be both those things, pearls are also known for their incredible versatility when accessorizing. With the right design, pearls can say ‘Eclectic’ and ‘Modern’ as much as any other brass and bright colored geometric shapes can.

Contemporary art is any art produced in the second half of the 20th century and after. It encompasses both modern and post-modern art, and while the one defining characteristic is that there is nothing much that holds it together in theme, it’s also true that there are some masters of the movement who can be recognized by a few things. These are, firstly, a no-care attitude towards the viewer. Contemporary art says ‘I don’t care what you think or expect of me, I’m doing what I want.’ Secondly, some of the early masters were known to use a lot of bold, primary colors paired with geometric shapes. And thirdly, recognizable characters, which previously would not have been seen as art, is now raised to art status: cartoons, famous actresses, cute drawings – everything goes.  

So, back to pearl jewelry. Bold primary colors? Check. Geometric shapes? Check. Child-like pictures and images sold to adults (because we can do what we like, right?) Check. Eclectic combinations that don’t always make sense or look like they belong together? Check.

Have a look at these contemporary art inspired pieces on Timeless Pearl:


Bold black shapes in all forms – anything goes, right?




Let the circles and colors inspire you.

Cartoons? No people, it’s art.

Edison Pearl necklace

Bright, primary red. No paint mixing required.

edison pearl necklace

Shapes that lead the eye all over the place.

Blue is all you need.