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April 28, 2016

Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all – unknown

Remember the days when you made gifts for your mom out of handprint art, toilet paper rolls, and egg cartons? If you still do it, good for you! But if you can’t find the paint and glue anymore, why not gift your mom with pearl jewelry instead this Mother’s day? We’ve put together a little gift guide to help you choose a piece your mother will love.

But first, what is a mother?

What Is a Mother?

Being a mother is so much more than just giving birth to a child. A mother loves her children unconditionally, no matter what they do or what quirks they may have. A mother is biased – in her eyes her offspring are always the best at everything they do. She is your biggest supporter. A mother is selfless; she’ll wake up early to make you pancakes, even when she’s sick. A mother is patient. She shelters us against the storms of life. She is our guide – she shows us how to navigate life. A mother has infinite wisdom; she always knows whether you should kiss that boy or take a risk in your career. A mother is your best friend – she always has time to sit down and listen to your struggles and successes.

This year, Mother’s day is on the 8th of May. How are you showing your mother how much you love and appreciate her?

Pearl Jewelry Gift Ideas

Every mom is different and unique. Choose a piece that makes you think of her. She’ll love and cherish her pearl jewelry forever.

1. Queen Dark Purple Pearl Pendant: Every mother is the queen of her household; her wisdom guides the whole family. This pendant is the ultimate symbol of her queen status.


2. Encircled Pearl Ring: Your mother’s love surround and protect you, just like these zircons encircle the pearl.


3. Colorful Pearls Bracelet: This bracelet is beautiful and soft as a mother’s touch.


4. Elegant Water Drop Earrings: Elegant and precious – just like your mom.


5. Black Swan Pearl Necklace: This Tahitian pearl necklace speaks of pure elegance and gracefulness. What do a swan, a pearl, and a mother have in common? They are all flawless beings.


6. Golden Flower Queen Brooch: A flower brings joy and happiness. Show your mother the joy she brings to your life with this lovely brooch with golden pearl.


7. White Dancing Pearl Necklace Bracelet Set: This unique necklace and bracelet set will have your mother dancing with pleasure.


8. Pearl Cluster Earrings: Cool and confident. These earrings will elevate any outfit to another level.


9. Sacred Love Purple Pearl Bracelet: This bracelet is tailor-made for a loving mother.


10. Golden Diamonds Pearl Ring: A natural purple pearl ring set in yellow gold and surrounded by diamonds – the epitome of beauty.


A final word of advice: make sure your mother gets her favorite breakfast in bed. And if you still haven’t learned how to poach the perfect egg, that’s okay. Remember, in your mother’s eyes you’re the best cook that ever roamed the earth!

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