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February 05, 2018

Learn more about symbols in pearl jewelry that point to eternity, growth, strength, a fresh start, a bright future and longevity. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is more than just your Valentine.

Jewelry is always a good choice when it comes to a Valentine’s gift. But some jewelry mean more than others. If you want to give something that speaks of commitment, a long life together and timeless love, then there are two symbols you might want to consider for your gift: The Tree of Life and the infinity symbol.


The Tree of Life

You may have seen jewelry with trees before but not known what it means. In fact, trees have multiple meanings, both religious and non-religious. Religious beliefs usually connect it to wisdom: In Buddhism, it refers to the tree where Buddha received his wisdom. In Christianity, it refers to the tree of life that Adam and Eve ate from – the source of all knowledge. In Christianity, there is another meaning which is especially romantic when applied to a Valentine’s gift: the parable of the mustard seed which grows into a big, strong tree. Applied to a Valentine’s gift it could signify that while your relationship may be young or start small, over time it may grow into a big, strong bond which will become your greatest source of comfort and happiness.

Connection is another meaning behind the tree of life. As a tree connects to the earth with its roots and the sky and sun with its leaves and branches, so we need to connect to our community and loved ones.

Growth: as a tree grows strong and unique over time, so we grow in our love and relationships.

Rebirth: as a tree loses its leaves in winter and grows them back in spring, so we have times in our lives and in relationships where we experience renewal.


The Infinity Symbol

Edison pearl necklace edison pearl necklace

This one is a popular sign often seen in jewelry, but also tattoos and artwork. The Infinity symbol looks like a figure of 8, sometimes with a more elongated form, and there are many, many beautiful pieces of jewelry that contain this symbol. But what does it mean? Very simply, just what it says: infinity. Choosing a gift with this symbol means that you are looking to the future of your relationship. It speaks of commitment and a timeless love that transcends the day-to-day hustle-and-bustle.


The Significance of Pearls

While the tree of life and the infinity symbol have romantic symbolism behind them, pearls are one of the gems richest in meaning. They signify fertility, purity, wisdom acquired through experience and have connections to the moon and rebirth – much like the tree of life. Read more about some of the legends about pearls and what meanings have become attached to pearls because of it.  

To make this Valentine’s Day one that says more than just ‘Will you be my Valentine?’, choose jewelry that is rich in symbols.

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