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July 10, 2020

There is no doubt that this year’s graduation is going to be memorable. In years to come, when someone asks you what you did for your graduation, your story will start like this: “That was the year the Coronavirus pandemic broke out…” And your children, or grandchildren, or simply friends who lived through it in another part of the country, will want to know how you marked it.

Make sure you don’t get stuck on the fact that it might not be what you always dreamed it would. Make it special, no matter what – even if you’re not going out, or only going out in a small group. Even if there’s no-one there!

Pearls are the perfect way to mark this special occasion during these unusual times. They are symbols of hard work and resilience, which are exactly the qualities you need to get through an education in the time of corona.

The oyster that labors at a single pearl for months teaches us that when you’ve worked hard; when you’ve overcome difficulties and made it to the end, there is nothing that can compromise that achievement. Your real gift, the true source of the joy, is the education behind you and the career ahead that no-one, not even a global pandemic, can take from you.

And on top of all the symbolism, they are beautiful! Favored for centuries by royalty, they are recognized as timeless and elegant. Their versatility makes them the jewelry most likely to go with any (or all three) of the outfits you choose to wear while you graduate virtually, attend a special dinner with the family, and then go to celebratory drinks with friends.  

Here are some of our favorite pieces for this year’s graduation celebrations.


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