Designer Pearl Jewelry for Valentine’s Day – without the Price Tag!

Designer Pearl Jewelry for Valentine’s Day – without the Price Tag!

On Valentine’s Day, back in 1969, Richard Burton gave the exquisite designer pearl necklace, La Peregrina, to his wife and Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor.

La Peregrina means ‘wanderer’ in Spanish – a very apt name. The size of a quail egg, the pearl’s journey started in the 16th century in the Gulf of Panama where it was found by an African slave, who traded his freedom for the pearl. The pearl then traveled to Europe and some of its famous owners included Bloody Mary and Napoleon’s brother, Joseph Bonaparte.

Queen Mary I from NPG

Painting of Mary I, Queen of England and Ireland (Bloody Mary), wearing a pendant with a large pearl, La Peregrina.


Richard Burton bought the pearl for $37,000 and had the necklace redesigned by Cartier.


Embed from Getty Images

Foto of Elizabeth Taylor, wearing the necklace with the pearl La Peregrina, a gift from her husband, Richard Burton.


After Elizabeth Taylor’s death, her jewelry collection was auctioned off and La Peregrina was sold for $11,842,500 to an anonymous buyer – a world auction record for pearl jewelry.

While this is an inspiring story, you don’t need to fork out $11 million, or even $37,000 for a pearl necklace for your Valentine this year, but, you certainly can’t go wrong with pearl jewelry!

Pearls are symbolic of the precious bond between two loved ones. So show your love and appreciation with pearls this year.

Here are some gift ideas that will get her eyes to sparkle. Your gift will be a constant reminder of your love, and she’ll think about you whenever she wears her pearl jewelry.


Elegant Diamond Mabe Pearl Necklace

A simple, but elegant AAA-grade Mabe pearl set in 18k Yellow Gold with a 0.02ct diamond.

Golden Diamonds Pearl Ring

A large AAAA-grade purple pearl surrounded by a circle of 0.336ct diamonds and set in 18k Gold (3.15g).

Blooming Rose Diamond Pearl Brooch/Necklace

A purple AAAA-grade Edison pearl set on an 18k gold (7.17g) rose adorned by sparkling diamonds (0.853ct).

Golden Lucky Fish Pearl Pendant

A large AAA-grade baroque pearl – the body of this lucky fish – with a 0.026ct Ruby as its eye, completed by 18k Yellow Gold adorned by 0.143ct diamonds.

Honey Bee Endurance Love

A one-of-a-kind exquisite golden rainbow colored AAAA grade Baroque pearl makes the body of this necklace, set in 18k White Gold (3.50g) and embellished with 0.85ct diamonds.