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November 18, 2018

Deciding what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Or perhaps there’s someone special you’d like to thank by giving a gift this year. Jewelry can speak a thousand words if you do it right, and pearls are especially appropriate this time of year. Here are three reasons why pearls are just the thing for the season.


1)     Pearls are the results of a tiny animal intent on making the best of a bad situation.

Pearls are produced when a pearl farmer implants a nucleus bead or tissue inside an oyster or mussel. The mollusk then reacts to the ‘intruder’ (the bead) by layering it with layers and layers of nacre over a period of weeks and months. And these layers of hard work then turn into a beautiful, lustrous and shiny jewel. If it teaches us only one thing, it’s that showing appreciation and making the best of whatever hand life has dealt you, can bring forth beauty in our lives.

These statement pearl pieces are classical and pared down, and go perfectly with the simple spirit of gratitude.

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Featured jewelry:

Giant Baroque Pearl Leather Choker

Endless Peanut Pearl Necklace

Golden Globe Purple Pearl Necklace

Timeless Pearl Necklace – AA Grade


2)     Pearls are available in warm autumn colors such as gold, brown, purple and pink.

If you wear pearls often, you may know that they are available in a range of colors. Just look at these beautiful pieces which all feature strong fall colors.

A pair of champagne-colored snowflakes will warm you up on a chilly autumn evening. They are also available in gold-colored pearls.

edison pearl earrings edison pearl earrings

A golden autumn leaf brooch with a purple pearl perched on top, or a string of baroque pearls in multiple colors will enhance any outfit.

Edison pearl brooch edison pearl necklace bracelet set

There’s nothing that says ‘happy’ like this orange shell pearl necklace. Or you can adorn yourself with a bejeweled autumn leaf and pearl in vibrant colors.

Featured jewelry:

Snowflake Queen Pearl Earrings

Snowflake Queen Golden Pearl Earrings

Golden Leaf Pearl Brooch

Golden Baroque Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Set

Orange Shell & Pearl Necklace

Maple Leaf Pearl Brooch


3)     You can wear your bird and eat it too.

Who said turkey is the only bird welcome at Thanksgiving? According to Edward Winslow’s letter to a friend back in England about the very first Thanksgiving dinner at Plymouth in 1621, the pilgrims enjoyed a variety of wild fowl. And it wasn’t just fowl. After the birds were eaten, they sent men hunting again, and they came back with five deer.

While you may want to stick to turkey, it’s not to say your jewelry has to stick to it too. Just look at these adorable pieces featuring swans and deer.

Fall in love with Thanksgiving with the Swans in Love brooch. You could say the swan is the turkey’s more elegant cousin…

Instead of shooting two deer, you can wear them on your jacket or bag. The graceful elk brooch can’t help but celebrate the beauty of nature. Also available in gold.

Featured jewelry:

Swans In Love Pearl Brooch

Black Swan Pearl Necklace, also available in White

Double Deer Pearl Brooch

Silvery Snowwhite Elk Brooch, also available in Gold

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