Brooches as Your Social Language

Brooches as Your Social Language

The clothes and jewelry we wear send a powerful message to those we come in contact with and is especially important when it comes to first impressions.

Our fashion choices affect…

  • how we feel about ourselves
  • the impression we make on others, and
  • how they behave towards us.

The way you dress can affect how that first date goes, whether you get the job, or how well your speech or presentation is received.

Back in the day, clothes were worn for practical reasons – to keep us warm and dry. Now, our clothes are social markers instead and help us to convey our personality.

Here are a few examples of personalities and how you can use brooches as your social language. 


The Fun-Seeker

The fun-lover has a cheery, bubbly and outgoing personality. They’re not afraid of color, or large and extravagant designs. They attract groups to them and use their jewelry as a conversation-starter.


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Butterfly Drop Edison Pearl Brooch

Flamingo Pearl Brooch


The Nature-Lover

The nature-lover prefers down-to-earth designs in earthy colors like brown, beige, forest green, and ocean blue. They get excited when they find jewelry made from recycled material and items straight out of nature, like shells, seeds, and pearls.

Featured brooches:

Maple Leaf Pearl Brooch

Silvery Pearl Cherry Tree Brooch


The Elegance-Incarnate

This person loves elegant and simple jewelry. They’re confident in their traditional values and enjoy a quiet get-together with close friends and family. Their poise and calm demeanor are noticed from across a crowded room. 

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Ocean Wave Pearl Brooch

Silvery Snowwhite Elk Brooch


The Dependable

People who are dependable love to wear matching sets of jewelry – bonus points for jewelry colors that match those of their shoes or handbag perfectly. They’re the responsible and organized mentors that are often sought out for advice. They love perfect symmetry and always look polished and professional.

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Blue Flower Edison Pearl Brooch

Water Lily Lotus Pearl Brooch


The Trendsetter

The trendsetter’s main goal is to be different, stand out, and make bold statements. They’re not afraid to choose outlandish and bold pieces. If they don’t set an immediate trend in motion, they’re perfectly happy with being the sole owner of a unique piece of jewelry you won’t see around every corner.

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Super Spider Edison Pearl Brooch

Corsage Orchid Pearl Brooch


The Nostalgic

The nostalgic loves unique vintage pieces and if they can, they’ll choose jewelry with a story. You may find them in a thrift store or on the internet searching for pieces that have something to say. They may not be the life of the party, but if you’re up for an interesting conversation, they’re the ones to seek out.

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American Rose Pearl Brooch

Golden Lotus Leaf Pearl Brooch


The Ambitious Go-Getter

Women with this personality won’t settle for second best. They’re hard workers and give attention-to-detail. Wherever they go, people admire them for their achievements and they choose luxurious jewelry to fit in with that image.


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