4 Ways Pearls Are on Trend This Fall

4 Ways Pearls Are on Trend This Fall

You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. But this fall, they’re enjoying extra attention. Not only are pearls a sustainable, renewable jewel, which tie-in to the global trend of buying eco-conscious, but they come in such a range of styles that they can’t help but hit the mark when it comes to catwalk trends. 

This year’s fall fashion shows sported chokers and mismatched earrings, often in abstract, twisted shapes. Jewelry was used to create drama for many of the outfits. Several fashion houses showed a new twist on the old, and pearls were used to cement this look. The models in the Christian Dior show wore single strands of simple pearls and big pearl earrings paired with calf-length skirts and hats with netting – looking so ladylike (even when paired with trousers), it makes you want to run and burn your jeans! Another theme was matching sets of jewelry, especially necklaces with matching earrings.

There’s a good reason why pearls are called ‘timeless’. Here are some ways pearls can help you stay on trend this fall.  


Trend #1: Chokers

There’s nothing like a single pearl to adorn a stylish choker. The choker trend dates back as far as 2500 BC (much like pearls – ancient!) but it started again in spring and is still a big fashion statement. Here are a few irresistible chokers you might want to have a look at.

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Trend #2: Mismatched Earrings

It’s still on trend to be a little kooky, and these soft options add a touch of femininity and flourish to the high fashion trend.

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Trend #3: Matching Sets

One can’t help but get excited when you see matching sets of jewelry. Somehow it gives off the message that you thought about what you are wearing and intended for it to match, giving you that polished, prepared look.

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Trend #4: Heirlooms

One of the biggest trends in fashion now is to be sustainable. Buying jewelry with an eye to the future not only means investing in things that you can wear for a long time, but also looking at how jewelry is produced. Pearl jewelry falls perfectly into this category by being a sustainable, renewable resource that is concerned with environmentally-responsible farming practices.

And of course, pearls are the original heirloom jewel. It is considered especially classy to have a string of pearls or a set of pearl earrings that can be (or has been) passed on from one generation to the next – making them a sure-fire investment in terms of long wear.

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