A Unique Pearl Jewelry Heirloom

A Unique Pearl Jewelry Heirloom

An heirloom is something of special value handed down from one generation to another. An heirloom can take many forms, but a popular choice is jewelry, especially a pearl jewelry heirloom, as high-quality pearls can keep beautiful and lustrous for centuries. To demonstrate the value heirloom pearl jewelry can create for your family, read our short story about one family’s experience below:

As soon as Sally opened her eyes, she knew today was going to be a good day. The sun was playing on the little window ornament her mom made for her last Christmas, and there was a slight breeze blowing through the open window, filling the room with the smell of rain from last night.

Today, Grandma Mary was coming to visit. Sally had been looking forward to this day since receiving her grandma’s letter last month.

That evening, Nana told Sally to sit on her lap so she can read her a story. Sally loved sitting on Grandma’s soft lap, playing with the string of pearls around her neck while listening to her comforting voice. She couldn’t remember ever seeing Grandma without those pearls.

After reading the story, Nana said to Sally that she had something special for her. Grandma unclipped the pearls and fastened them around Sally’s neck. She told her that years ago when she was the same age as Sally, her own grandma gave the pearls to her. Since that day, the string of pearls accompanied her to all the major event of her life. The day she graduated from nursing school, her wedding to Grandpa, the day Grandpa left for war, the day the war was finally over, and Grandpa came back, and at the birth of all their children and grandchildren.

“Sally, you are a very special girl. I know you’ll take special care of these pearls. They will keep you strong whenever you need strength,” Grandma told her.

At first, Sally wouldn’t take the pearl jewelry. “Nana, I don’t feel that I’m worthy of these pearls,” Sally said, but Grandma didn’t listen.

“I want these pearls to witness all the major events in your life, just like they did for me and my nana before.” With tears in her eyes, Sally swore that she would always cherish her granny’s pearls.

Unbeknownst to Sally, it was the last time that she was going to see her grandma. A few months later, Grandma passed away. Sally wore the pearls for the first time to her funeral and vowed that she would think of her nana every time she wore them.

Just like her granny predicted, the pearls bore witness to every major event of Sally’s life. During her high school graduation, touching the gems gave Sally courage to deliver her valedictorian speech. On her first day of medical school, the pearls gave her strength to face the lab test. The pearls accentuated her rosy cheeks on the day she met her future husband. The first time she laid eyes on her baby girl, the pearls around her neck glowed with pride. The string of pearls accompanied her with every concert, graduation, and wedding of her dear children.

Decades later, Sally went to visit her granddaughter, Lucy, and just like her nana before, Sally gave the lustrous pearl jewelry heirloom to her beautiful granddaughter. And just like Sally did so many years ago, Lucy was hesitant to take the pearls. But Sally insisted.

A few months later, Sally gave her last breath. As she looked down in her wake, she saw little Lucy clutching the pearls while she was mourning her nana’s passing. At that moment, Sally knew the string of pearls were in good hands.

If you don’t already have a pearl heirloom jewelry collection in your family, why not start the tradition with your own pearl collection today? When choosing a pearl heirloom, look for a beautiful, timeless design of superior quality, such as one of the pieces in our unique Lux Collections.