Uses of pearl in medicine

Uses of pearl in medicine


For centuries, pearls have been used for their healing factors especially in traditional Far East and Asian medical systems. It has a cultural and medicinal value since ancients times where precious substances such as gold, silver, and pearl have physical and metaphysical ailments allegedly.

Scientifically, there is not much research is provided about the healing properties of pearl however this has never ebb its statue in eye of people who believes in its miraculous properties. Pearls possess a sense of calmness to its bearer and focus that promotes faith, devotion, precision and purity. Pearls are well-known for enhancing personal harmony and integrity while on cultural notes, it has been taken as a sacred item that provides pure feminine power to the inner diva of women.

Medical Benefits

A number of cultures and Asian societies have claimed the medicinal advantages of this gleaming gem. Pearls have a vast medical history to assist in treatment of digestive tract disorders, skin and muscular problems. For medicinal purpose it has been used in fine granular form that is mixed with various herbal powders and potions to form a medicine that enhances fertility and easing the labor pains during birthing procedure.

Ancient Chinese Medicine

For instance, Chinese culture depended on medicines made with pearls since ancient times. It used as a treatment in assorted diseases and problems that ranges from simple eye problems to serious heart disorders, fever, indigestion and even to stop bleeding. For skin problems and treatment to cosmetically enhancement of skin quality, pearls are used around the world. It is profoundly considered as a skin whitener for ages. For overcoming acne and Rosacea problems, pearls are found miraculously effective.

The Gem of Life and its Spiritual Healing Powers

Along with its gleaming elegance and beauty, pearls are admired for its natural healing significance. The admirers alleged that pearls assists in maintaining the natural harmony by balancing hormonal levels in human body that encompasses with lunar cycles. Also it acclaimed to be a spiritual healer that brings out the inner wisdom and strengthens the emotional powers with a nurturing tinge of affection.

The Magnetic influence of pearl

It is alleged by many ancient stories where pearls are thought to have a very powerful magnetic influence and has been used in Gem Therapy to reinforce nervous system, the adrenal glands, muscle tissues and spleen functionality.

The Power of Enlightening

Since ages, peals is believed to have magical powers of lands and seas that allows an individual to open up its conscience and reveal the true meaning of life. They are assumed as the enlightener of mind and body and stimulate the mood of its bearer while assisting in learn to be affectionate and kind with oneself and others. Whether these properties are taken as myths or not, the inspirational thoughts surely come to the mind of the wearer and help in nurturing a natural way of life in practical way.

Pearl Powder

Pearls can be applied in powder form; crushed to granular pearls are used in ancient Chinese medicines as a skincare agent. With its exceptional anti-aging and acne remedial attributes, it is also believed to extend life expectancy.