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November 22, 2016

The Hidden Meaning of Black Pearls

Black pearls have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Some say black pearls are a symbol of hope for wounded hearts, others say they carry healing powers, while others believe black pearls protect the wearer from negative energy.

Black pearls are found in the Tahitian and French Polynesian Islands. They are exotic, rare, and of exceptional value. In the olden days, black pearls were only worn by royals and nobles, earning them the nicknames of “queen of pearls” and “pearl of queens.” Even though black pearls are now cultivated, they are still rare.

Black Pearl Myths and Legends

There are many myths and legends surrounding pearls. Here are some of the most common black pearl myths and legends:

  1. Polynesian legend 1: Oro, the god of peace and fertility, visited the earth on a rainbow and gave a black pearl to Princess Bora Bora. The pearl was a symbol of his love, and even now some believe that when you buy black pearl jewelry for someone, it represents eternal love.
  2. Polynesian legend 2: According to legend, the moon bathes the ocean with light to attract oysters. If the oysters come to the surface, the moon bestows heavenly dew upon them. Over time, the dew drop is polished, and a black pearl is born.
  3. Chinese legend: A natural black pearl is a symbol of infinite wisdom. According to this Chinese legend, pearls were formed in the heads of dragons, which they perceived as wise, and the dragons carried the pearls between their teeth until their death.
  4. Ceylon legend: Adam and Eve shed tears which created a lake of pearls. The white pearls were formed by the tears of Eve, while the black pearls came from Adam’s tears. Since men cry less than women, that explained why black pearls were so rare compared to white pearls.

How Black Pearls Really Get Their Color

Pearls get their color from the nacre of the oysters they grow in. Black pearls are formed in the black-lipped bivalve mollusk Pinctada Margaritifera. This mollusk has a thick, black inner shell. Pearls that are formed near to the inner shell are darker, while those formed further away are a lighter gray or silver.

Black pearls are rarely plain black. These pearls commonly have playful shimmers of green, gold, blue, lavender, and pink on the surface.

Black Pearls for Black Friday

Whether you believe any of the black pearl legends or not, one thing is for sure: Black pearls are exceptional, and any woman who owns them is fortunate.

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