Quick TIPS Guide of Buying Freshwater Pearls

Quick TIPS Guide of Buying Freshwater Pearls


Freshwater pearls are the common type of pearls, which are cultured and therefore found out easily. Jewelers know how the freshwater pearls are different from the other types and they vary in their quality depending upon the grade, style and color etc.

For buying freshwater pearls, it is always a better choice to have a proper research and consult the specialist who knows what is the pearl like and how is it graded. Like the precious gemstones, freshwater pearls vary in quality. Certain things if kept in mind and considered will lead to the best buying in terms of price for quality of the freshwater pearls.

Pearls Color

They are naturally white in color. This is because of the processing they go through and lead them to stay alive. Colored freshwater pearls are actually dyed into different shades by the jewelers.

Size and Shape

The size of freshwater pearl ranges from a mere 2mm – 11mm with an average of 6 – 7mm. Pearls shapes are quite different, but the most expensive and precious shape is round.

Luster in the Pearl

Freshwater pearls can have distinguishing quality and grading on the basis of their luster. Pearls which are of a superior quality have a higher degree of luster and shine. Those which have a chalky effect are of the lowest quality.

Look for Any Flaws

When selling the freshwater pearls, the jewelers who are true to their customers tend to openly talk about any flaws in the gemstones. However, sometimes, the flaws are hidden under the covers which the experts can identify, only. One such example to look for is the color and dye of the pearl. If the pearl is dyed only as shades or certain portions, that means clearly the pearl is damaged and dyed to hide the flaw. Similarly, check for the cracks, shape, size and surface gaps, if any.

Match the Pearls

While purchasing pearls for the jewelry like strands of beads in a necklace or bracelets or for the earrings, try to check before finalizing the deal that the pearls when put in a strand show a certain degree of match. They do not look mismatched. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look for the pearls which match one another in terms of shape, size, color and style.

Finding freshwater pearls is an easy pick due to their common availability. It is good to have a proper research and then buy the product to a person’s satisfaction.