Pearls and Health

Pearls and Health

People often use precious gems for ornamental purpose, however they are not meant only to beautify your outer self. Precious stones possess a number of distinctive characteristics that are truly useful in the overall wellness and development of human beings. According Vedic and Chinese astrology the compatibility of gemstones according to person’s chart can help in absorbing planetary potentials and bestows with extremely beneficial features. Astrological studies on gemstones suggest that can accumulate either positive or negative effects on a person therefore, it has to worn under an authentic astrologer supervision and recommendation.

Health Benefits of Pearl

Pearl promotes general health by restraining diseases and disorders from body with its curative aura. It implies positive effects on specific body organs including skin, heart, digestive and reproductive system and brain.

A cure to Many Diseases

Pearl can assist in curing the diseases involved in these specific organs that include, heart issues, ulcers, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, skin acne problems and menstrual imbalances in women.

Enlightens the Body and Mind

Since pearl is cold in nature gemstone, it regulates body temperature and normalize it during fever and hyper conditions. It ensures a normal heart beat due to its subtle energy aura and strengthens brain powers.

Wearing an original and organic pearl with astrologically proven features assures you the supremacy and fortunate life. It can provide positivity around you and surrounds with extremely goodness’s of life in relation to work, career, wisdom, relationships, and wealth.

The effect of Pearl according to Color

The colors of pearls vary from pink, blue, silver, yellow and black however mostly it is found in white shades. The color of pearl also features distinctive effect on humans. It caters various qualities to its natives. The yellow colored pearls are good for wealth, red ones are increasing mental abilities and wisdom, blue opens spiritual persona in the wearer whereas white pearls are responsible in improving social status and fame.

The subtle aura provider

Subtle aura is effective in mind and body wellness. Pearl literally helps in boosting this aura with its continuous subtle pulse inducing within and surrounding the energy outside of the wearer. All these significant characteristics of pearl can be obtained by wearing this super gem under supervision of an authentic astrologer who can recommend by evaluating your birth chart and horoscope with deep study.

The Astrological Characteristics of Pearl

Pearl is a luxurious gem that is organically formed in certain mollusks and oysters. It is considered an official gem for the Moon in astrology. It is a gem of love and beauty and gives calming and peaceful effects to its native if placed in right sectors.

Advantages of Wearing Pearl According to Astrology

Pearl is gem of calmness and graciousness therefore it causes positive effects on short-tampered and hyperactive people. It is also considered a generous stone that bestows the infertile couples with the happiness of having a child.

Pearl is alleged to strengthen the social status of its wearer and improves the acquaintances with powerful and significant personalities. It is a fortune giving gen, which is why it is highly appreciated by everyone.