Pearls, a sign of elegance and beauty are the longest known natural treasure gemstones. Diamonds may be forever, but pearl has a history longer than any other processed cut stone, we see around. Since the ancient times, people are being ornamented with pearls and pearls are being used as the finest and most precious of the jewels.

Gemstones, before finishing to their lustrous beauty undergo many stages of processing from cut to the polish; however, pearls have the uniqueness of being the only natural, right out of the mollusk jewels. If we see the trends, pearls are the gemstones of ages and generations. From the royals to the commons, everyone adores and admires the beauty of the pearls and the exquisite jewels travel with the generations. Therefore, we see the glamour of pearl remains intact after so many ages and decades of being in use.

Pearls are the gift of nature and hold significance in the historic Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Greeks associate it to the “tears of joy” shed by the goddess Aphrodite, while Egyptians associate it to the goddess of healing and life.

Pearls hold a value from the ancient times to the modern days and if we have a glance at the history, we will observe that it is the gemstone of elites. Only the royals from Roman Empire to the British were initially allowed to wear pearls. However, till the modern days, pearls, due to their uniqueness and value were the ornaments of the royal and a common man cannot afford to wear it. But, since the trends are changing, we see that pearls are being available to the commons and the reason is that the cultivation of this natural gemstone through artificial means is being done, making it to be in the reach of the commons.

In the contemporary era, we see that pearls are in the reach of locals and more and more people are being adorned with the pearls by choosing from a variety of shapes and styles available. Overall, pearls are labeled to be the precious and royal gemstone due to its delicate style and value and that will remain the same, however, it is being cultivated to be made available to the commons and we see it a trendy present on weddings and graduations making it a must have in the jewelry collection of the females.