Method of Weaving Pearls

Method of Weaving Pearls

Freshwater pearls jewelry is adored by every woman. Pearls evoke purity, elegance and sophistication. Since ancient times pearls are used in many decorative means. Whether it is decorating an emperor’s imperial robe or gracing a medieval queen’s necklace, these sparkling beauties are embellishing the fashion’s quest for all times.

Freshwater pearls jewelry pieces are designed by various techniques. Basic weaving methods are wirework, chainmail, stringing and crochet.

Wirework method

Wirework is an easy to learn jewelry making method. You have to learn the wire inserting and looping technique after first which you can easily manipulate wire into complex techniques such as wire loops, wrapped wire loops, wire spirals, wire scrolls, coiling wire and more. It makes the most elegant jewelry designs for fresh water pearls. Silver and gold wirework embedded with pearls make the finest jewelry pieces and adorned the beauty.

Peyote Stitch Method

This method belongs to Native American culture. It is also known as gourd stitch. It is designed in staggered rows of pearls. The design works off a base row where pearls are skipped in between. Peyote stitch method comes with several styles of techniques. Some majorly used techniques are flat even count peyote, flat odd count peyote and circular flat peyote stitch.

Chainmail Method

The art of weaving pearls together is called chainmail. Previously this technique was used in soldiers’ armors to weave sharp knives. This method is now used to weave semi precious stones and pearls to form finest jewelry designs. Various weaving patterns are used to form chainmail jewelry design including

  • 2by2 chainmail pattern: this method is convoluted. The wire jump rings has to be counted in 2. The design is complex but gives the most elegant style to the piece.
  • Byzantine weave design: complicated but extremely beautiful, the design speaks for itself, it is amongst the most popular chainmail weave.
  • Box chain weave: the graceful flow of box chain weave in pearl jewelry gives a chic look to it. With one less folding move at every weave makes the box chainmail pattern swift and easy.
  • Rosette chainmail link: it is an easy but very pretty pearl jewelry design that is elaborated with jump rings that are linked together through nose pliers. You can add pearls in each ring according to your design requirement.

Stringing and knotting method

Stringing and knotting methods comes with a huge array of techniques done with fresh water pearls and silk jewelry wires. The string of pearls is never out of fashion; surely it is the most desirable jewelry piece of every woman and found in the most of the jewelry closets. The method is simple and easy just need only basic findings, silk wire and beautiful and lustrous pearls.

Spiral Pearl beaded method

Beaded spiral pearl jewelry set also holds evergreen status in jewelry fashion. The technique is similar to stringing and knotting with a twist to form a spiral shape. This method is used in making a complete jewelry set and bracelets.

Beaded pearl Crochet method

The simple crochet method used to bead pearls into the most elegantly designed jewelry sets is used these days. This method is used to make pearl bracelets and even complete jewelry set. Pearl beaded Crochet earrings look out of the box and graceful.