Important things to consider while making a customized jewelry

Important things to consider while making a customized jewelry

Jewelry is a valuable asset that needs special care form making to the finished piece. All custom designs are initiated with some sort of inspiration. The purpose and intention, the need and the idea, all these things generates an inspiration that has to be perfectly delivered by the jewelry designer to make the client’s dream come true. Since customized jewelry is a case sensitive, some foremost things has to be considered while making a customized jewelry design.

Establishing the goals

Customized designs process starts with a meeting in which ideas are illustrated with hand sketches and budgets must be discussed before proceeding.

For Client’s perspective

Client has to give the full idea of what design they want within their budget acquisition. They must do their homework before involving into a customized project.

The Illustration

Designer has to illustrate the model by a series of question asked to client to get the exact idea of the requirement and details. Whether it is made by hand with water colors or illustrated on CAD, the idea of the design must be delivered completely while illustrating it. The thing has to be considered is to deliberately ask questions that can give the most apt idea of the custom design. It’s better to make CAD drawing and illustrations for client’s review and approval. The beauty of this tool is that you can give the exact idea of what you will be bringing in to life.

For Client’s perspective:

Start by asking yourself to get the distinct vision of the design you want. You must remember, wanting something unique has to be driven with a warrant that can lead you to custom route. Articulate your design with research and sketch elements such as unique settings, organic lines, mixed metals or filigrees that catch you vision and meet your needs. Give each and every detail to your jewelry designer to get exactly what you want.

The Layout

After finalizing the design, give details to the client about the different procedures of making their customized design. The most frequent approach is the lost wax casting process for the customized designs. Wax model is provided to see the design in 3D to idealize the finished product.

The final approval

Subsequent to the project in metallic form, it is important to confirm a final approval before the stones is set or engraving is added. This is crucial to get everything done with client’s approval so that your project is not wasted. Even if it’s a surprise, the client has to collaborate with designer so that they get exactly what this project requires. Some specification can still be altered during this stage if client requires any modification in regard to color and types of stones are engraving, that can also be done.

A customized piece is something that the buyer can relate to. Therefore, while acquiring customized design keeping above things in mind with significance can make the whole process for both client and designer hassle free and convenient.