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May 09, 2015

Fresh Water Pearls – The Only 100% Cultured Pearls

The reason that natural saltwater pearls are rare and super expensive compared to the cultured ones is because cultured saltwater pearls have a big nuclear bead inside. Which means that more than half of the pearl is artificially made.

Fresh water pearls comprise of 90% of the world wide pearls market. They have never been so easily assessable in the past. In the present days, we see these pearls are readily available in the market, almost all over the world, however, the main cultivators or producers are USA, Japan and China. Having a variety of colors and forms, they are the most popular cultivated or cultured pearls.

Conventional pearl agriculture entails initially inducing a bead core, then a bit of mantle tissue, in a mollusk. Not long after this technique was invented, pearl farmers discovered, quite accidentally, that nacre (NAY-ker) could form around mantle tissue without the presence of a bead nucleus. Leaving out the bead nucleus made the process easier and soon, this became an accepted means of production. Most freshwater pearls are nucleated only with a small piece of mantle tissue, although great strides have been made in recent years to produce non-bead nucleated freshwater pearls.

Due to this invention of farming the Fresh Water Pearls without a nucleus or a bead, we can easily find the pearls to be one hundred percent original without a core. This increases the value of a pearl and also gives the pearl a natural look and shape. The fresh water pearls are found in the most versatile variety of the pearls with a wide range of colors and textures having variable sizes and shapes. The best thing about these pearls is that they are nearly round in shape. Though while being cultivated, they are produced in different forms and shapes, yet the choicest ones are picked up with a flawless shape and smooth texture that has a look most likely near to the natural pearls.

We, at the timeless pearls, hand pick the best variety of pearls which are 100% original. This makes the gem even more precious and valuable for the ornaments. Having fresh water pearls is now easier than before because of their availability and accessibility, they are widely chosen for presents to the loved ones and used by young and old ladies and men simultaneously in rings and jewelry pieces.