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May 14, 2015

Pearls, the antique natural gemstones are found out and being used as ornaments since a very long time. Initially, when this tear drop from the mollusk under the waters was discovered, the formula was rare and thus the pearls mined were precious and not readily available. However, the same was cultivated later on and in the present day era, we see different forms and types of pearls available including the natural rare pearls and the artificially cultivated pearls from the salt water or fresh water. These pearls are easily distinguished on the basis of their core, however, the quality is so unmatchable that a lay man cannot distinguish between the two and it’s an art which only a few people can master.

Fresh water pearls and salt water pearls are the artificially cultivated pearls which are made through a process formula from the oceans, seas and the small rivers and streams. Fresh water pearls are grown in mussels and lakes and now days most of these come from China. On the other hand, the salt water pearls are cultivated by oysters in the oceans and deep seas and mostly found out in places like Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and Tahiti. These pearls are called the “cultured pearls” and are created by placing a small tissue of mollusk in the mussel and covering it with nacre – the material by which a pearl is actually made of.

Farmed pearls or as we call it cultured pearls are created under a controlled environment where the pearls are under constant observation in terms of the size, shape and color. The mussels are made to produce a certain type of pearl by adding a nucleus which is further coated by nacre. Cultured pearls, both the fresh water and salt water pearls are basically cultivated to meet the needs and requirements as pearls harvested through the natural habitat are much rare and expensive. When divers dive into the deep seas for collection of the natural pearls, it is often expected that 3 to four oysters out of the three ton oyster hauls are only producing he right grade, shape and quality of the pearl.

Therefore, we see overall, pearls which are the exquisite and elite type of gemstones were once only available to the elites but with the cultured pearls farming, it is in the reach of the general public, making them to use and enjoy the glamour of this gem in the ornaments and as precious presents to the loved ones.