Color Trends for Your Summer Wedding Inspiration

Color Trends for Your Summer Wedding Inspiration

Every bride-to-be knows there are a thousand-and-one things to do when planning your wedding. You need to choose a venue, dress, a theme, decorations, a caterer … And let’s not talk about that dreaded guest list. Should you invite your distant cousin twice removed so that your estranged stepmom isn’t mad at you for the next decade? And what about the family drunk who likes to pick a fight when he’s had one too many? We can’t help you with your guest list, but we can help with your jewelry and color choices.

The colors you choose set the mood for your wedding day, and let’s be honest, you want to get it just right. Let’s help you decide which color combinations will complement your personality and achieve the mood you’re after. We’ve also thrown in some jewelry ideas that could go with each theme.

This neutral color combination works well for a romantic, rustic, or minimalist wedding. Combine neutral muted shades like sugar, latte, and Ashwood together, and pair it with a medium turquoise for some contrast. Roses work well with this timeless color combination. Choose an elegant string of pearls like our Timeless Pearl Necklace of Love for a classic appeal.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have lots of fun on your wedding day. After all, it’s the first day of the rest of your wonderful life together, so why not kick it off with a bit of theatrical fun? Be bold by adding bright and vibrant colors to your pallet, such as lime green, hot pink, and carrot orange. Neon colors like these can be classy if grounded with a neutral color like classic gray or slate. Don’t overwhelm your palette with too much color; just add a few pops here and there. Pair with simple and classy jewelry, like these Shining Stars Pearl Earrings.


Is there anything more refreshing than a minty green? Mint is a romantic but playful color that goes well with almost any color, especially other pastels. For a calming atmosphere, make mint your staple color and add sky blue, teaberry, and champagne into the mix. Our Piece of Love Pearl Necklace will complement this ultra-modern color scheme.

Every few years, retro-inspired themes make a comeback, and this season is no exception. Colors like aqua, cherry, and khaki are filled with personality and work well together. Add fun patterns like stripes and chevrons to your invitations and table arrangements. Our Gold Ribbon Pearl Brooch fits right into this exciting theme.


Feel the ocean mist with this cool and stylish color combination. Ocean blue, misty green, and silver is a winning combination for any sea-princess-bride. Our Sacred Love Pearl Bracelet will add a bit of elegance to your outfit.


The classic navy blue, tangerine, and sugar colors are a perfect mix of cool and warm colors that screams summer. This look is ideal for a sporty and spontaneous couple. Pair with our bold Blue Flower Pearl Brooch to complete your outfit.


Let nature inspire you with this cheerful color combination. Combine classic yellow, cream rose, slate, and light moss green to channel a sunny look and feel. Opt for simple and muted table settings, and add a pop of color with yellow flowers here and there. The dark slate gives the color scheme depth and keeps the bright, sunny tones grounded. Our Marguerite Daisy Pearl Brooch will be the perfect addition to your sunny look.