Can Wearing Pearls Boost your Mental Health?

Can Wearing Pearls Boost your Mental Health?

Our ancestors knew about the vast benefits of pearls. Today, we can tap into that ancient knowledge and apply it to our lives. 

Our world is stressful. We often seek tools that will help calm and nurture us. Pearls are one such remedy, but it’s often overlooked in our search for the best and latest remedies available. But, as the oldest gem known to mankind, its qualities have been revered throughout history, for good reason. 

Pearls were long considered the most valuable gem due to its unique, organic formation inside another living creature, the oyster, instead of deriving from the earth like other gemstones. This gives it qualities that are not contained in other stones and crystals, and why pearls are considered the gemstone of nourishment and nurturing.


History Knew the Power of Pearls

Beyond a symbol of wealth and power, legends and myths tell of the worshipping of pearls throughout ancient times. Known as the "Queen of Gems," history is filled with examples of how important these gems were to ancient civilizations. Egyptians valued their pearls so much, they were buried with them. Celebrated as the symbol of purity, pearls became sacred objects to Christians in the Middle Ages, and are said to have started the tradition of brides wearing pearls on their wedding day. 

The description of paradise in the Koran reveals the Arab’s affection for pearls with,”…as each person admitted to the delights of the celestial kingdom is provided with a tent of pearls, jacinths, and emeralds; is crowned with pearls of incomparable luster, and is attended by beautiful maidens resembling hidden pearls."

What did the ancients know?


Pearls for Modern Day Stress

We are much more than physical bodies. Now proven with modern science, we are aware that emotions play a vital role in our mental health and physical well-being. What impacts our energy field will affect us mentally and emotionally. Gemstones and crystals have long been utilized as powerful tools to promote mental health and uplift and protect our energy. 

As the birthstone for someone born in June, just some of the pearl’s attributes include confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and joy. Wearing pearls helps to calm restlessness, anxiety and control anger. It is also believed that people who wear pearls feel more connected to their creativity.  

Due to their feminine vibration, Pearls have a strong connection with the Moon and are beneficial for women who suffer mood swings during their menstrual cycle.  


A Wearable Mood Boost

Anyone can take advantage of these qualities that pearls have long given us, and their enduring allure is testimony to their timeless gifts. The smooth, creamy texture of pearls against the skin produces a calming effect to troubled minds, uplifts the mood, and opens the heart to appreciate beauty and compassion, no matter the century. 

More than just an occasional extravagance, their resilience and strength allow them to be an everyday accessory, providing a barrier to negative or draining energy in your environment. 

Just as the ancients did, Pearls warrant our appreciation and reverence beyond their physical beauty, but also for their deeper qualities and spiritual attributes that support the wearer. Just as a pearl is formed from grit to a shining stone of elegance and strength, these qualities are given to us who choose to harness its essence in our own lives.