Why Pearl Is Our Preferred Birthstone for June

Why Pearl Is Our Preferred Birthstone for June

If your loved one has a birthday in June and you’re considering jewelry as a gift, then Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite are the three birthstone options you can consider. But we’d recommend you choose pearls. Here’s why.

(For more information about the other birthstones of June, click here.)



Thanks to modern-day pearl farming, one can now purchase large, high-quality pearls at much more affordable prices than in the past, making this birthstone one of the most affordable, while still retaining its prestigious reputation. And you aren’t limited to one color, either, as you can purchase pearls in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white to soft-pink, champagne and even deep purple and black.


Fashionable Investment

As a fashion item, they’re considered timeless, stylish, elegant and a mark of good taste. For decades, celebrities have been wearing pearls – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Rihanna and Katy Perry all come to mind. And royals are no strangers to pearls. British Royal Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, have a particular pair of hanging pearl earrings which she seems to favor, wearing them on several different occasions.  



When it comes to pearls, there is no reason why you should be limited in choice. Not only can you choose between a massive variety of pearls themselves, but the range extends far and wide in terms of the style of jewelry and even the size of the pearls. You’ll find extremely luxurious items loaded with pearls, to simple items where the pearl is the star of the show.


Magical Qualities and Symbolism

If you’re into the mystical qualities of a stone, this is for you. As a birthstone, it’s believed that pearls attract wealth and luck, offer protection – especially to children –  and that they have a calming effect on the constitution, balancing one’s karma.

They symbolize purity, generosity and wisdom, and because of the way they are formed, they are associated with wisdom acquired over time. Because they are seen as a signal of purity as well as loyalty, it’s traditional for brides to wear pearls.

And now, if you’re not convinced yet (or perhaps you are!) here are some of our favorite pearly gifts for the month of June…  


Gift Inspiration for June Birthdays

Carved Golden Fan Akoya Earrings

These Akoya pearl earrings come in a trendy design that highlights the beautiful pearl at the center of it. Made for an edgy, on-trend look and ideal to wear day to day or to an evening out.

AAA Grade Timeless Pearl Necklace

This is the necklace of all necklaces, the one that gets passed on from one generation to the next, becoming an heirloom. The timeless string of pearls go with anything, but is especially fitting to wear for special occasions.

Elegant Star Pearl Earrings

These beautiful, delicate earrings remind one of what a mermaid would wear to a ball if she would be so lucky to go to one. Somewhat whimsical, they suit someone with a soft, feminine disposition and a soft spot for fairytales.

Princess Pearl Hair Band

With this delicate hair band, anyone can be a princess – from young to old. Ideal for a special occasion such as a birthday party, wedding or ball.

Sacred Love Pearl Bracelet

What’s better than a romantic, elegant bracelet in your birthstone such as this one, to celebrate your birthday? This bracelet is beautiful enough to wear every day, but the design so eye-catching that it would also be the perfect complement to formal evening wear.

Sunshine Pearl Earrings

The glittery rays or petals on the outside of these sunny, almost flowery earrings make brilliant, eye-catching design. The earrings are elegant with a touch of playful, and will work to brighten up anyone’s day.