Which Color Pearls Will Suit My Skin Tone?

Which Color Pearls Will Suit My Skin Tone?

This is a question that first-time pearl buyers often struggle with. Though an important consideration, it is not as crucial as you might think. Pearls have the ability to flatter almost every wearer, no matter the color of the pearl. It’s more important to take your personal preferences and style in mind when choosing pearl jewelry. Pearls also absorb the colors in their surroundings due to their reflectiveness.

That said, there are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind:

  • Generally, lighter pearls – white, rose, peach, cream – work well with fairer skin tones.
  • Darker complexions go well with gold and cream-colored pearls.
  • Olive skin tones and white pearls with silver overtones are a good match.
  • Black or white pearls, on the other hand, suit just about everybody.

For a comprehensive guide on which colors to choose when buying pearl jewelry for yourself or as a present for someone else, consult the chart below. The chart includes the most skin tone, hair color, and eye color combinations. Even if you don’t fit one description perfectly there should be a near-enough combination that will help to guide your choice. If not, get in touch with Timeless Pearl for guidance.


Some Specific Guidelines

If you buy pearls as a present and you don’t know what that person’s color preferences are, white is a safe bet as it suits all skin tones. Although peach flatters every complexion, not all wearers are too fond of this color so unless you know for sure that peach is on someone’s wish list, rather steer clear of this color.

Here are some specific guidelines to follow. For more detail, scroll down to the chart below.


Brown Skin Tone | Black or Brown Hair | Brown Eyes

Pearl colors that work well with this complexion are black and those with silver, gold, bronze, and copper overtones.


Olive/Tanned Skin Tone | Black or Brown Hair | Brown Eyes

Silvery overtones look good with this complexion, while purple and bronze can bring out the best in your look.


Fair Skin | Blonde Hair | Blue Eyes

Purple tones and gold/bronze overtones suit this complexion well, while peacock-colored pearls accentuate the eye color.


Fair Skin | Dark Blonde Hair | Brown Eyes

Bronze and copper pearls compliment the brown tones of this complexion, but both purple and peacock colors can also do wonders.


Fair Skin | Brown Hair | Green Eyes

Some of the best pearl colors for this skin/hair/eye combination are bronze, gold, peacock, and dark gray. The latter two are great at focusing attention on the green eyes.


Fair Skin | Ash Blonde Hair | Brown Eyes

Purple, silver and grey, and peacock-colored pearl jewelry look magnificent with this complexion.


Fair Skin | Auburn Hair | Blue or Grey Eyes

Pearl jewelry with silver overtones highlights the eyes, while bronze-purple and copper pearls compliment the skin tone and hair color.


Fair Skin | Red Hair | Green Eyes

Peacock pearls are a perfect match with the green eyes, while gold and copper-colored pearls complement the fiery hair.



When choosing pearl jewelry, what matters most is your gut feel. No matter the color, pearls are always flattering. An exquisite design that you’re in love with will do more for your self-confidence than the perfect shade.