Tips for Choosing the Right Holiday Pearl Gift

Tips for Choosing the Right Holiday Pearl Gift

A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” – Coco Chanel

The holidays are around the corner! Pearls truly are the gift that keeps on giving, and not only last a lifetime, but can be handed down through generations.

There is a perfect size, color and style for everyone at every age. It’s worth learning more about how to select the right pearl, as there are so many to choose from with distinct qualities. Here's what you need to know while considering which pearl to choose for your jewelry gift this holiday season.


How to Choose the Right Pearl Size

From toddler to senior, for each stage of a woman's life there is an appropriate size of pearl to match her age bracket. These tips provide a guideline to follow:
  • If she is between 30 and 50, choose a 9mm-12mm pearl pendant.  One single pendant with a classic stunning silver or gold chain will fit any daily outfit or a special occasion. The Victorian-inspired 10mm Grace Edison Pearl Necklace perfectly captures the holiday magic, among many other festive gift ideas in the Necklaces & Pendants collection. 

How to Choose the Best Pearl Color

There is a complimentary color for every occasion that will bring forth the qualities you wish to gift to someone special. Consider these tips:
  • White pearls are suitable for any outfit on any occasion. Because you can’t go wrong with white, it is the classic color to choose if you are not sure which other color would fit her.  
  • Black pearls represent mystery and strength. However, a lot of black pearls are dyed, including Akoya and freshwater pearls. So if you don't like dyed pearls and your budget allows, choose the naturally dark tones of Tahitian black pearls.
  • Golden pearls resemble the sun and represent wealth and prosperity. If she just had a baby, or as a christening gift, or to celebrate a graduation or new job, choose the abundant energy of golden pearls.
  • Purple pearls symbolize artistry, passion and wisdom. This natural pearl color fits most people and is a delightful color for gifting, as many women might already have white pearls. 
  • Pink pearls represent energy and romance, and are an uplifting color for new beginnings, such as for a wedding gift for the bride, or for celebrating a new house together.
  • Blue pearls represent truth and courage. But similar to black, most blue pearls are dyed or color-treated, including Akoya pearls, making it difficult to decipher the natural blue color of Akoya pearls from color-treated.

Choose Your Perfect Holiday Gift  

This year, adorn someone you love with the elegance and purity of pearls, in every size and color to make the perfect gift! Explore our exquisite Holiday Gift collection for more ideas.