Connection, Stability, and Tranquility: Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of 2020

Connection, Stability, and Tranquility: Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of 2020

We live in interesting times. The past decade has been tumultuous; we’ve been challenged to think about what we believe in and to take a stand for that. But we’ve also lost the ability to really listen to each other, to listen to different opinions and to communicate with people courteously, no matter how conflicting our opinions are. That is both tiring and destructive – something we all find fatiguing.

We’ve also seen tremendous advancements in technology. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the changes, and many times we’ve been burnt by overly-ambitious promises that never come to fruition. Social media has taken over social interactions, with good old-fashioned face-to-face contact taking a backseat.  

As we go into a new decade, we need more stability, dependability, and connection. That is what the Pantone color of 2020, Classic Blue, is signifying. This blue is “elegant in its simplicity”. It’s a restful color that brings a “sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit.” The color also encourages concentration and helps us to gain clarity.

As pearl-lovers, we’re elated about Pantone’s choice for this year – there are many similarities between classic blue and pearls.  

Pearls are said to strengthen relationships and it symbolizes the precious bond between two people. Touching the cool beads can have a calming effect on the wearer, just like it did for the famous Chinese Empress, Dowager Cixi (years) – she wore her pearls every day and touched them to keep her calm and give her clarity in her demanding role. 

It’s time to re-center ourselves. To seek stability. To foster face-to-face relationships. To mend broken friendships and really listen to each other, no matter how different our opinions. To take time out of our busy schedules to unwind and slow down.


We’re excited to embrace classic blue this year with everything it stands for. Here are a few of our favorite pearl jewelry, fitting perfectly with the classic blue theme of Pantone:





Featured jewelry from left to right:

First row: Fancy Blue Pearl NecklaceBlue Heaven Pearl Earrings, and A Winter Night’s Dream Pearl Necklace

Second row: White Dancing Pearl Necklace Bracelet SetDancing Dove Brooch, and Amethyst and Pearls

Third row: Vintage Style Pearl Brooch, European Style Winter Edison Pearl Brooch & Necklace, and Blue Flower Edison Pearl Brooch

Fourth row: Blue Ocean Mabe Pearl EarringsGoldfish Mabe Pearl Necklace, and Blue Ocean Mabe Pearl Necklace


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