Pearls: The Revered Birthstone of June

Pearls: The Revered Birthstone of June

Were you born in June? If so, you are blessed with having the Pearl as your birthstone. 

Although June officially has three birthstones; Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl, the traditional birthstone gifts are pearls. The distinctive qualities of these three gems complement and enhance the nature of Geminis or Cancers born in June. But the pearl is unique among all the birthstones for its organic origin.

If you’re not aware of the unique qualities of this gem from the sea, it’s worth learning more so you understand why pearls have held a special status throughout history.


Birthstones Enhance and Support You

Beyond popular jewellery associations with the months of the Gregorian calendar, birthstones and their meanings are found within the original Vedic and zodiac texts. 

Much like the deeper understanding that Astrology or Numerology can provide, connecting to your birthstone helps align you with your unique qualities in this lifetime. This helps you feel more connected to your soul while being grounded in the world, and empowered to express your gifts.

Like people, all gems and stones on the planet resonate with an energetic frequency, which makes each stone unique in its attributes. The ancients highly revered gemstones, and believed that wearing them not only infused them with the stone’s properties, but also protected them against harm.


The Unique Attributes of Pearls

Pearls are revered for their unique formation inside another living creature, which sets them apart from other gemstones that are derived from the earth. Their fascinating origins from oysters form the energetic vibration of their nurturing and creative qualities. 

What starts as a particle or irritant being caught inside the mollusk, sets in motion a defense mechanism of thousands of layers of nacre composite, forming a strong and iridescent pearl over many years. 

Requiring no cutting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty, pearls are the only gem material that can be utilized in jewelry immediately upon finding one. Understandably, they have therefore been considered a symbol of purity since ancient times. They were traditionally given as a wedding gift, and in the ancient Sanskrit text the Atharvaveda, pearls were said to bestow long life and prosperity.

As the birthstone for someone born in June, the pearl’s modern attributes include: confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and joy. It is also believed that people who wear pearls feel more connected to their creativity, and that they contribute to a happy marriage.

Traditionally, these smooth and luminescent gems are symbolic of innocence, purity, loyalty, modesty and chastity. Other supportive qualities have been associated with pearls throughout the ages, and their calming and centering attributes remain even more cherished in the stress of modern times. 

Pearls contain metaphysical properties akin to crystals, and their energy vibrations can be used to heal our bodies and create balance in our lives. For healers and shamans, pearls have been known as conduits for relaxation and helpful for introspection.


Gregorian Birthstone Poem for June

Gregorian Birthstone poems for each month were printed in 1870 by Tiffany & Co. for the associated gemstone. June’s poem reads:

Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.


If you weren’t born in June but know someone who is, now you know why pearls are the perfect gift for someone you care about.