Unique Pearl Jewelry for the Adventurous

Unique Pearl Jewelry for the Adventurous

Do you remember the days when our jewelry choices were limited to whatever the brick-and-mortar jeweler in town chose to stock, and you often bumped into women on the streets and at parties sporting the same accessories yours? Thankfully, times have changed, and as individuals who all want to wear something different, we are now fortunate to choose from large collections online to find the perfect piece that speaks to us.

Here are some of the unique jewelry pieces from our shop that we love:


Golden Lucky Fish Pearl Pendant

This one-of-a-kind pearl pendant is truly unique – there is only one of them in our shop. The body of the fish pendant is made from a large baroque pearl of exceptional luster. It is finished off with an 18k gold-and-diamonds tail, and a ruby eye.

A fish has many symbolic references – luck, fertility, happiness, knowledge, transformation, creativity, and abundance of faith. Fish also symbolizes perfect union in China and is a favorite wedding gift.

Whatever symbol you want to attach to a fish, you will be lucky if you choose this Golden Lucky Fish Pearl Pendant.


Honey Bee Endurance Love

This lovely pearl necklace looks like a real bee – just watch out for its sting! The body of the bee is made out of a truly unique baroque pearl in champagne and golden rainbow color with outstanding luster. Gold and diamonds complete this design.

Bees are symbolic of courage, dignity, and dedication. They are social creatures that work very hard for the survival of the group.

Bees are incredible creatures that have an important role in the environment. They pollinate about 30% of the world’s crops and 90% of the world’s wild plants. Without bees, many plants will die, and we’ll have a food shortage on our hands. Unfortunately, many bee species are endangered. Show your commitment to bees and the environment with this lovely Honey Bee Endurance Love pearl pendant.


Two Peas in a Pod

This fresh, quirky design incorporates two white pearls – the peas – in a sterling silver pod. The pod is studded with zircon gems. This is a special item that  you won’t find in just any catalog.

Are you blessed to be part of a dynamic duo, like Thelma and Louise? The Two Peas in a Pod pearl necklace makes the perfect gift for two inseparable friends or sisters.


Dragon Pearl Ring

This unconventional pearl ring, made out of sterling silver with a white freshwater pearl, looks like a dragon’s head.

According to European myths, dragons are mostly portrayed as evil, fire-breathing creatures that guard valuable treasures – or princesses. Warriors and princes embark on quests to slay the dragons to free the princesses and take the treasures home.  On the contrary, according to ancient Asian and American myths, dragons are benevolent beings. They have magical powers, are very wise, and are symbolic of good fortune.

“I’m kind of honored to be a dragon lady. The dragon is a very powerful, mythical animal’ – Yoko Ono

Whether you want the dragon to guard the heart of your princess or whether it is wisdom that you seek, this Dragon Pearl Ring is the perfect gift for yourself or the woman in your life.


White Dancing Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set

For centuries, upper-class debutantes received a string of white pearls from their fathers to wear at their coming-out ball on their 18th birthday. This celebration served to launch the young  women into adulthood and social society – the only place to find a suitable, rich husband. More recently, a string of pearls can be found on the necks of young girls on graduation day all across the country.

This White Dancing Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set is a different take on the traditional string of white pearls. The modern design with button-shaped pearls is a good choice for a woman who wants to keep it simple without being ordinary.


Bronze Purple Super Spider Brooch/Pendant

This spider brooch/pendant is not for the squeamish! The spider’s large bronze-purple pearl body is in perfect contrast with its silver legs. The design is versatile and can be worn as either a brooch or a pendant.

The spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power, feminine energy, and growth, and is symbolic of a person’s natural ability to come up with creative solutions to our everyday problems. Spiders have the capacity to adapt quickly to new environments and are able to patiently wait for its prey.

Like a spider that skillfully weaves its web, we weave our own lives with the choices we make. This Bronze Purple Super Spider Brooch/Pendant will make you feel fearless and help you  to confront life’s challenges with conviction and confidence.


Did you find the unique pearl jewelry piece you were looking for? If not, head to our shop to browse our other fresh and modern designs.