Timeless Pearl Jewelry for Your Valentine

Timeless Pearl Jewelry for Your Valentine

There are several different legends surrounding Valentine’s Day. One of the most famous and broadly accepted is the story of Saint Valentine of Rome. According to legend, St. Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were not allowed to get married as the Roman Emperor at the time wanted to grow his army, and married men do not make good soldiers. Eventually St. Valentine was sentenced and imprisoned for assisting people who were persecuted for their religion. While in jail, he healed the jailer’s blind daughter and before he was executed, he wrote a love letter to her and signed it as “Your Valentine”.

Whether this story is true or not, Valentine’s Day is a popular custom and a day on which we celebrate our love for each other.

If you have your eye on a special woman this year, buy her a timeless gift that she will hold dear for the rest of her life – pearl jewelry.


Key to My Heart

In some areas of Europe, it is customary to give St. Valentine’s keys to your lover as an invitation to unlock your heart, or as a symbolic gesture showing that you keep the key to their heart.

Let the woman in your life know that your heart belongs to her with our Key to My Heart Pearl Necklace or the Pearl Hearts Silver Ring. Both feature natural-colored freshwater pearls in a sterling silver setting.

Sweets for My Sweet

The tradition of sending cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts to your valentine originated in England. In Norfolk, a mystical guy named Jack Valentine knocked on the back doors of houses on Valentine’s Day to leave sweets and other presents for the children. Although his intention was good, just the thought of this mystical man hovering outside their homes scared the children.

Our playful Pearl Floral Shell Bracelet and Dancing Girl Pearl Brooch and Pendant are the perfect freshwater pearl gifts for girls of any age.

Spring in My Heart

In Slovenia, St. Valentine, also called Zdravko, is the saint of spring and good health, and also the patron of beekeepers and pilgrims. According to their proverb that says “Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots”, Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of spring. On this day, the flowers and plants start to grow.

Although Valentine’s Day falls a bit early to welcome spring, nothing hinders us from celebrating our love for each other. Our Honey Bee Endurance Love Necklace with its unique golden rainbow baroque pearl and Blooming Flower Pearl Ring are the perfect gifts to show your love that they’re the spring in your heart.


Love Birds

The first person to link St. Valentine with romantic love was the 14th-century poet, Geoffrey Chaucer. Before this, St. Valentine was a symbol of sacrifice instead. According to Chaucer, Valentine’s Day was when birds started mating, and brides chose their partners.

“For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bride cometh there to choose his mate” – Geoffrey Chaucer

Our Swans in Love Pearl Brooch and Butterflies in Love Pearl Necklace, made with freshwater Edison pearls, are the perfect gifts for – you guessed it – love birds.


Roses Are Red

Flowers are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, especially roses. It all started with a line in Edmund Spenser’s epic verse ‘The Faerie Queene’, which he wrote in 1590:

“She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew” – Edmund Spenser

Give your love’s bouquet new life with our delicate Golden Rose Pearl Brooch or Flower of Life Pearl Necklace, both made with freshwater pearls.


Forever Yours

Like St. Valentine, show the woman in your life that she is the center of your universe with our Center of the Universe Pearl Earrings. Our Infinity Love Bronze Purple Pearl Necklace, with its Edison pearl pendant, tells her that you will always love her.

Celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine this year with the woman you love by giving her the timeless gift of beautiful pearl jewelry.

Happy Valentine’s Day!