New Beginnings: Spring Fashions and Pearl Jewelry

New Beginnings: Spring Fashions and Pearl Jewelry

March 20th marked the start of spring. It’s time to pack away your winter clothes and prepare your wardrobe for warmer weather. Looking for ideas on how to freshen up your outfits? Turn to the runway for inspiration.

We analyzed the trends found in the Spring/Summer 2016 collections of some prominent designers and can show you how to incorporate our finest pearl jewelry into your spring outfits.

Trend #1: Pastels

Pastel colors are an all-time favorite for spring. Badgley Mischka made a feminine statement with a collection of soft pastel colors with a pallet ranging from yellow to blue, gold, and pink. Carolina Herrera showed a lot of love for pink this season with her soft, flowy dresses with romantic undertones.

Pastels pair well with white or cream pearls set in silver. Alternatively, you can add a pop of color with pearl jewelry, such as the Starburst Flower Drop Pearl Necklace.


Trend #2: Prints

The variety of prints on the runway this year gives us many choices, and almost everybody will find something they love. Michael Kors lead this trend with a few dramatic prints in bold colors. Meanwhile, Coach’s clever mix of different prints provided for exotic pieces reflecting fun-filled summer days. Tommy Hilfiger had a strong presence with some of the hottest, bold prints, including stripes, florals, and abstracts.

Busy prints call for quiet jewelry pieces. Pair your bold prints with a simple set of pearl earrings, a pearl ring, or pearl bracelet such as the Lucky Fishes Pearl Bracelet.


Trend #3: Black and White

The all-time favorites – black and white – are here to stay. These color schemes flooded the runways this year. Pure whites and solid black outfits were on many designers’ lineups while others did a combination of the two, or added a splash of color. Ralph Lauren paired white with bold colors in a nautical fashion. Proenza Schouler expertly combined black and white for visual impact. DKNY added some edge with interesting monochrome prints boasting unique personality.

Add some color to your monochrome outfits with colored pearl jewelry, such as this Colorful Drop Earrings.


Trend #4: Bright Colors

Nothing gets rid of winter blues as quickly as bright colors. Oscar de la Renta brought us some hot pieces in bright red, green, yellow, and turquoise. Diesel Black Gold and Michael Kors both added deep blue dresses to their collections. Tory Burch opted for feminine outfits in blue, red, and yellow.

Welcome spring with your own bright colored outfits or add color with accessories. This Blue Flower Pearl Brooch embraces the changing season.

Embrace Spring with Pearl Jewelry

Spring brings excitement and anticipation; it’s the season for a fresh start. Embrace this spring with a zest for life and a fun-filled closet. Visit our shop for pearl jewelry that fits your style.