Marking the Milestone of Graduation with a Gift of Pearl Jewelry

Marking the Milestone of Graduation with a Gift of Pearl Jewelry

Graduation is a celebration of the first major life milestone reached by your teenage child; the completion of high school. As with other milestones, like turning 21, traditions exist to mark this rite of passage.

In Japan, graduates wear their usual school uniform and perform choreographed marching routines whilst singing. In Sweden, sailor hats are graduation headwear. These high-school leavers receive special gifts from their parents, which hang from ribbons around their necks. In the Philippines, each graduate wears a flower lei, a sign of affection and congratulation.

Pearls are the only gems created by a living animal and they take time to form. Over time layers of nacre, the iridescent substance from which pearls are formed, are built up and the longer a pearl stays in the mollusk shell, the larger it will be.

Education is, like pearls, layered. Every year of school adds to your child’s growth and knowledge until they graduate from high school equipped with the skills to create their own work, seek employment or to enroll in tertiary studies.

Pearls are a meaningful gift, like the education you have given your daughter, that she will have for the rest of her life. She will wear her pearls at college, at work, dinners, special occasions and even as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day.

Jewelry is a reflection of personality so choosing an appropriate design is your biggest challenge. While you can never go wrong with an elegant single row of pearls, your range of choice includes different design styles, number of strands, length of rows, sizes and shapes of pearls, and colors.

Make your selection for your daughter of pearl earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet or brooch by considering her personality and style preferences – conservative or bold, simple or ornate. The shape of the pearl contributes to the design and reflection of your daughter’s personality. As for the color of the pearls, white is not your only option. Peach, purple, pink, gold, black, silver, green, plum and every subtle shade in between are available.

Most of all, be guided by a buying a versatile design that she will be able to wear at graduation and in the years that follow. She will forever remember this day every time she wears her pearls.


Pearls for Graduation

We have put together a selection of our pearl jewelry graduation favorites to inspire your choice.


Empress Pearl Bracelet

This single string of white, pink and purple pearls is a modern update on a classic pearl bracelet. The Empress Pearl Bracelet will be as appropriate to wear on graduation day as it will on many special occasions in the years to come


Raindrop Pearl Earrings

Straying only slightly from the classic tradition of a single pearl stud, these natural-color, button-shaped pearls seem to rest on the tip of their sterling silver earring hooks like a raindrop on a petal. These Raindrop Pearl Earrings will add a bit of glamour to your daughter’s graduation outfit.


Simple Elegance Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set

The Simple Elegance Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set is timeless classic that will continue to go with every outfit long after graduation day. Oval-shaped pearls add interest to this simple and elegant design. Instead of white, opt for the subtle hues of silver-grey or pink-purple colored pearls available in this set.

Timeless Five Pearl Necklace

This multicolored strand of pearls features white for gratitude, purple for wisdom, and pink for passion. This Timeless Five Pearl Necklace carries a thoughtful message of treasured wishes for your daughter in her life post-graduation.

Mandala Pearl Brooch

Mandalas are geometric shapes that form from a circular base. Symbolizing the universe, unity and harmony, the Mandala Pearl Brooch will look beautiful pinned to your daughter’s dress on graduation day.


For more options, visit our shop to find the perfect graduation jewelry piece for your daughter.