7 Tests Your Old Jewelry Should Pass

7 Tests Your Old Jewelry Should Pass

We all know that, if you haven’t worn your clothes in a year, you probably won’t wear them again and it’s time to take them out of your closet. But when it comes to our jewelry, we tend to hang onto it forever.

However, there comes a time when you need to take a hard look at your jewelry box, and get rid of those pieces you’re never going to wear, or maybe shouldn’t wear anymore.

Let’s have a look at a few tests that you should put your jewelry through to decide whether they still deserve a spot in your jewelry box.  


Test #1: Is It Fake?

There are many imitation jewelries available on the market looking like it could be from a luxury brand. If you bought any of these, we have some bad news for you. Your fake jewelry isn’t going to last very long and you may be allergic to the nickel these pieces of jewelry often contain, which can cause rashes, itchiness, and even discoloration of your skin.

Our suggestion: Throw your fake jewelry out.


Test #2: Is It Suitable to Your Age?

The right accessories will enhance your look, but jewelry not suitable to your age will get you noticed – for all the wrong reasons. It may be time to get rid of those charm bracelets and best friend pendants.

Our suggestion: Donate them to your little niece.


Test #3: Is It Made of Cheap Materials?

Green plastic crystals don’t look like jade stones – no matter how well they were made. Wearing jewelry made from cheap materials like plastic or metal alloys will make you look cheap as well. And we can’t have that!

Our suggestion: Donate them to your little niece.


Test #4: Is the Size Right?

We all have that dress or pants that we’ve outgrown, but keep in our closet because “someday I’ll fit into them again.” Right? We do it with our jewelry as well: The ring that’s just a little too tight or the necklace that’s a bit shorter than what it used to be. On the other side of the coin, you may have a ring or a bracelet that’s now too big.

Our suggestion: If your jewelry passed the first three tests, then consider having them resized at your jeweler. They can make your ring a few sizes smaller or bigger, or they can extend your necklace with a few inches so that you can still enjoy your favorites. If your jewelry didn’t pass the first three tests, or your jeweler can’t resize them, it may be time to pass it on.


Test #5: Is It Damaged and Could (Or Should) It Be Repaired?

Our jewelry can become damaged over time. If the jewelry passed the first three tests, then repairing your jewelry may be an option. You can have a clasp or broken link replaced and you can have your pearl necklaces restringed.

If the jewelry is irreparable but contains valuable gems, you can always have it reset in a new design.

Our suggestion: Repair what you can or reset valuable gems in new designs.


Test #6: Are There Any Bad Memories Lurking?

Even though your jewelry may be perfectly fine and even valuable, if you have any bad memories associated with the jewelry, like an engagement ring from an ex, you may want to get rid of it. Visit a few jewelers to find out what they’ll offer you, and rather use the proceeds to buy yourself something fresh and new.  

Our suggestion: Sell the valuable pieces, or give them away.


Test #7: Does It Have Sentimental Value?

Even if your jewelry doesn’t pass the first four tests above, you may want to hang onto them if they have sentimental value – like an heirloom piece passed on from your grandmother. You may not want to wear it often, but you can keep it in a special place. Make sure that you repair and clean it when necessary.

Our suggestion: Keep and look after it.


Make Space for Something New

Once you’ve thinned out your jewelry, take stock of what you have. Is there something you need to replace, like everyday earrings or a statement necklace for evening events – something that doesn’t scream the 80s?

The beauty of cleaning out your jewelry box is that you can now replace them with pieces that you actually want and enjoy wearing – an instant confidence boost! Visit our shop where you’re bound to find something that you’ll love and which will make you feel young, glamorous and sophisticated.