Show Your Appreciation with Pearls this Mother’s Day

Show Your Appreciation with Pearls this Mother’s Day

If there’s a jewel that embodies a mother’s love for her child, it’s the pearl. Not only are pearls associated with femininity and divine love, but the very way in which a pearl is formed is reminiscent of the way a baby is formed in a mother’s womb. Mother’s Day is around the corner, so why not show her your appreciation with a pearl gift?

Here are a few things that make pearls the perfect gift for mom.


The Symbol of a Mother’s Love

Since antiquity pearls have been associated with selfless love. An oyster puts all of its energy into shaping a pearl by adding layers of tissue called nacre onto the grain of sand or bead embedded in the shell. This takes months, and one can’t help but be reminded of the way a baby is formed in a womb. Like in the womb, an oyster shell uses its own nutrients to ‘feed’ the pearl until it has turned into something truly beautiful. Just like a mother pours her energy into a child from the day they are born so that the child can emerge as a healthy, happy adult – a real gem.  


Patience and Wisdom

The process an oyster goes through to shape a pearl also symbolizes the strife one has to go through in life in order to gain wisdom, which is where the expression ‘pearls of wisdom’ come from. And if there’s a job in the world that will see to it that you gain wisdom, being a mother is it. Just think of the pearls of wisdom your mother has dispensed to you over the years.

Another expression or common truth that comes to mind is the one that says ‘patience will be rewarded’. Much like raising a child: through time and patience, something magnificent emerges.


Femininity and Divine Love

In the Renaissance artist Botticelli’s famous painting, The Birth of Venus, the goddess of love – Venus – is carried ashore in a clam shell as if she was born like a pearl. Venus is seen as the very symbol of femininity and divine love. The fact that pearls are ‘born’ in water, where oysters, clams, and mussels live, also resembles the womb, where children are carried in water until they are born, and further enforces pearls as a symbol of femininity and fertility.   



No woman is ever as beautiful as your own mom. She is the first face you see when you are born, and the face most children get to know the best in life. While she may be unattractive to others, her children will always see her for the beautiful woman she is, because they can see her heart. And that is just one of the things that make the love between a mother and her children something beautiful and strong, that grows bigger over time, just like a pearl.

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