Pearl and Astrology

Pearl and Astrology

Astrological Recommendation of Pearl

Astrology recommends gemstones on the basis of situation of planets in a person’s birth chart. The heavenly body that governs pearl is the Moon while Cancer is the sign for pearl in Zodiac. Moon is considered as a luminary in horoscopes and believed to be influential on watery masses, heart, and human mind and sleep features while on plants of luscious nature and characteristic features of women that include motherhood, menstrual cycle, and face glow. Astrologists suggest wearing pearls to those who have malefic indications in their birth charts. It strengthens mental powers and progressively removes stress and depression. For people with sleep disorders, pearls are recommended to overcome insomnia.

The Placement Characteristics of Moon in a horoscope

Since pearl is astrologically a gem for moon which is considered influential in feminist nature and symbolize affection and beauty. It is an indicator of mind status of an individual. If moon is paced positively and dominating in a person’s horoscope, the person is said to be attractive, generous, and prosperous by nature. The weak placement of moon in a person’s horoscope whether it is in idle state or placed in enemy sign, the results will be not accomplished as desired as well as the quality it signifies within its house will not up to the mark. The person is allegedly stayed in a restless condition and hardly gets a peace of mind throughout life. The personality lacks confidence and suffers from depression, volatility and positively insomniac. Especially some key combinations of heavenly bodies in this genre can give very negative features.

How Pearl can help

Since precious gems allegedly influence the subtle energy field of humans. Astrologically the subtle energy rules over our thoughts and liveliness strategies. Therefore, if calamitous planets are situated with moon or moon is placed in the bad sectors of a birth chart, the negativity can be contradicted through wearing pearl with specified suggestion of an authentic astrologer.

The Benefits and effects of Pearl

On wearing a pearl with direction of astrologer, the individual surrounds with the consistent pulse of moon supremacy that gets absorbed with the wearer’s aura. This phenomenon than protects the wearer from negative energy released within or externally implemented and overcome the obstacles caused by it. The confidence and positivity is boosted and the wearer tends to feel the positive energy flow around him. Pearl is strongly recommended for ladies as it stabilizes hormonal imbalances and strengthens will power with balanced mood.

Health Benefits of Pearl

Since weak moon in birth chart indicates several health problems including heart problems, asthma, indigestion, lungs diseases, TB, sleep disorders and mental problems such as anxiety, depression, weak will power, weak learning ability, weak eyesight. Women with such moon stature in birth chart are also at risk of menstrual disorders, reproductive conditions, skin problems etc. Pearl can increase the curing aura around the person who suffers such diseases.