An Ingrained Bond: the Story of the Pearl and the Oyster

An Ingrained Bond: the Story of the Pearl and the Oyster

A pearl is formed when a grain of sand slips in between the mantle and the shell of an oyster. This creates an irritation to the mantle, and to protect itself, the oyster then carefully coats the grain layer by layer with nacre – also called the mother-of-pearl – a mineral substance that’s used to create the shell. Eventually, with enough layers, a beautiful pearl forms.   


A pearl symbolizes the precious bond between mother and child, husband and wife, and even two special friends. In every relationship there are ups and downs, or “irritations”: a child being naughty, a husband or wife taking their stress out on the other, or a friend who forgets your birthday. If the bond’s strong enough, the offended person will just forgive and add another layer of love to the relationship.


Pearls are timeless heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. A pearl’s a “living” organism making it absorbent, so external factors can influence their condition and color. Pearls absorb the oil from your skin over time, giving them an added gleam. If well-looked after, your pearls can stay in your family for generations to come.