Mother’s Day: Celebrating Her Pearls of Wisdom

Mother’s Day: Celebrating Her Pearls of Wisdom

 “Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” ~ Susan Gale


The Gift to Match Your Love

A pearl’s nacre is strong, resilient and luminous. What better Mother’s Day gift is there to match the qualities and purity of a mother’s love, and your bond?

As we came from our mother’s womb, pearls are revered for their unique creation inside another living creature. This gives them special qualities that are not found in other jewelry, and why pearls are considered the gemstone of nourishment and nurturing, and symbolize love, patience, loyalty and integrity.


A Mother’s Wisdom and Virtues

There's a reason some people think they can achieve anything. They listened to their mother.” ~ Author Unknown

One day out of the calendar year is formally dedicated to honoring mothers, but every day gives us the opportunity to show them our love and appreciation. Mother’s Day is a special day to acknowledge the distinct contributions that only moms make on us all, from childhood through our adult years. You get to thank the person you’ve turned to for advice, encouragement, or just for genuine understanding.

Even when we don’t think we need it, Mothers know how to sprinkle pearls of wisdom in our lives when we need them most. Although we might not appreciate the value of her advice at the time, as we get older, the lasting impact of her wisdom becomes our treasure.

“Do your best, be yourself, say ‘thank you’, keep your word, treat others the way you want to be treated”… these are just some of the virtues and wisdom moms sprinkle into the lives of their children.

There are many stories of great women who lived their lives like pearls, as we celebrate through our Living Like a Pearl stories. But from a personal perspective, the women who are truly ‘living like a pearl’ through their daily support, guidance, and wisdom, are our mothers.  


Say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ with Pearls of Appreciation

Our relationships with our mother are like a pearl, which has gone through times of grit and challenge to form a strong connection between mother and child. Giving the gift of pearls is symbolic of the strength and beauty of not only your mother, but of your journey together. By its very formation which is unique in all of nature, a pearl symbolizes the culmination of that journey to a radiant gem of strong nacre and luster.

This year, gift your mom something more meaningful and lasting than a bouquet of flowers. There is so much to explore in our inspirational collection of lustrous Mother's Day pearl ideas that she will treasure for years.

The Mommy & Me. Grandma & Me collection is brimming with gorgeous gift ideas for every budget, and every mother’s style. Our Pearl of Appreciation Series has timeless classics of striking necklaces to exude her qualities of Gratitude, Wisdom, Passion and Strength. The elegant Edison Pearl Full Pearls Necklace & Bracelet Gift Set, the Sacred Love Pearl Bracelet, or the Ever After Pearl Earrings & Necklace Gift Set are certain to surprise and delight her!

The perfect gift is waiting for you to make this Mother’s Day the most memorable yet!