Pearls – The Gentle Care and Maintenance

Pearls – The Gentle Care and Maintenance

Born in the waters, pearls have an aura of gentleness, serenity and freshness. They are pliant and durable yet fragile. Being the stone of waters, pearls need a little extra care of maintenance to maintain their extravagant class and value. The jewelry is delicate and requires proper care to be used preserved for generations.

Being natural gemstones, pearls are susceptible to acidic chemicals and extreme humidity. So to protect the sparkle and glow of a pearl it is necessary to take special care that it doesn’t come in contact with cosmetic materials, sprays and perfumes. Often preparation causes a pearl to fade and discolor; therefore, it is a good idea to put on jewelry as the final touch and wiping them off with a fine cloth piece followed by wrapping it in a lint-free cloth before returning it to the jewelry box.

Also, pearls tend to be shock-resistant yet they lose their glow if scratched by any gen or objects. To save the glory and magnificence of your pearls, it is advisable to lay them in soft separated portions or pouches in the jewelry case. They are the stones of life and thus need to be worn often else they dehydrate and lose their flicker.

Pearls are a delicate gemstone. Therefore, they are often hung into the jewelry pieces by using fine stands of silk to keep it from wearing away. Pearls need love and care so it is a wise approach to use them in fine jewelry to maintain their glow, strength and beauty. Using them often leads to maintaining the luster, cleaning them frequently and getting them serviced results in the increased beauty and adds age to the pearls.

Pearls seek hydration from the environment; however a contact with water can harm their charm and sparkle. Water interaction weakens the strings and leads to dullness. Excessive heat, humidity, sunlight exposure and certain materials like citrus, synthetic and highly alkaline or powerful chemical based elements weakens the strength of the pearls. It is good to wipe it off with a clean soft cloth, if it comes under the effect of certain temperatures or chemicals.

Pearl jewelry is rare, expensive and radiant. It diminishes in its value and glam if properly not cared for. Cleansing solutions like ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are a big No for the pearls because it damages their form and beauty. If the jewelry needs to be serviced, it must only be taken to the specialists in pearls who know what they work on and process the pearl jewelry accordingly. Not everyone is well with handling the pearls, so it is necessary to identify the right person who has knowledge and expertise in pearls so they can be preserved as well as sustain their radiance and glint.