Our Trade-In System: Recycle Your Old Pearl Jewelry

Our Trade-In System: Recycle Your Old Pearl Jewelry

If you’ve ever worried about the impact your old jewelry has on the environment, Timeless Pearl has the answer. Or perhaps you’d like to make a difference in the life of an underprivileged woman? Or maybe you just want more money for jewelry. Either way, you need to know about our trade-in system.

Helping women feel glamorous, graceful, and like they can conquer the world is what we’re all about. So is conserving the environment and doing our part for the community.

And that’s why our new trade-in system is so perfect. Not only does it give you a chance to recycle your jewelry, but it’s also an opportunity to acquire something new. Nothing gets thrown away, and somewhere, someone less fortunate than you can benefit from items that are still beautiful, but which doesn’t suit your style anymore.  


How It Works

Firstly, you fill out an application form so we know which jewelry you want to return to us. Then you send us your used Timeless Pearl jewelry. Once we receive it, we assess it based on the quality, the original price and the condition it is in. Depending on these factors, we send you an email coupon that could be up to 80% of the original price of your jewelry. You can then spend the coupon on any Timeless Pearl products.

We’ll then donate the used jewelry to underprivileged women in order to give them a chance to feel that boost of confidence and excitement that a pretty piece of new jewelry can bring.


The Three Steps

The process is simple. Here are the steps you need to follow to exchange your old jewelry for brand-spanking new pearl jewelry:

  1.    Complete the trade-in application form on our website.
  2.    Get your return label and send back your jewelry.
  3.    Get your cash-back coupon email and spend it!  


Important to Note

Before you head over to the pearl jewelry trade-in application page, we want to bring the following points under your attention:

  1.    You can only return jewelry which you bought from Timeless Pearl. We don’t accept pearl jewelry from other stores or shops.
  2.    The maximum amount you can get back is 80% of the original price you paid for it.
  3.    You can only apply the cash-back coupon to your cart to reduce the total amount you need to pay on your next purchase. You can’t request the cash amount to be out paid to you.
  4.    The condition of your jewelry will determine how much we can offer you in the cash-back coupon.


Fancy an Upgrade?

There’s nothing worse than having a rack full of jewelry, but feeling like you have nothing to wear. But, there’s no need to feel like that anymore. Whether you want something new for a specific occasion or you just want to update your jewelry for a more modern look that reflects your style, now’s the time to take advantage of our new pearl jewelry trade-in system.

Visit our shop to browse our pearl jewelry designs and then head over to our trade-in application page to send back your old jewelry, get a cash-back coupon and use it to make your next purchase more affordable. What are you waiting for?