When talking about pearls, the two major distinctions made are that either the pearl is natural or cultured. This determines the quality and value of a pearl. It is true that nature pearl and cultured pearl could have the same look, and most of time cultured pearls have better quality due to the environment surveillance.

However, there are big differences for saltwater pearls while no difference for freshwater pearls, as cultured saltwater pearls are always nucleated while nature saltwater pearls might be nuclear free and have very thick nacre. That’s why nature saltwater pearls are very rare, and the only ones that we could see are all in auction places.

The cultured pearls are also of two kinds that is, fresh water cultured and saltwater cultured. So, the fresh water pearls are actually the nuclear free pearls, however, their mode of cultivation or culture is different than the salt water pearls. Freshwater pearls are distinguished from the salt water pearls on the basis of their place of being cultured and the nucleation.

These pearls are cultured in the freshwater environment like a lake or stream. The process of creation is through a mantle nucleation where a piece of mantle of a sacrificed mollusk is inserted into the receiving mollusk where the “nacre” is formed around it to produce the pearl. These are the moderately cultured pearls and that is the main reason why they are accessible in profusion.

Freshwater pearls are of a nice quality because of their lustier look and colors. They are found in many colors and a variety of shapes. Due to their ease of accessibility, the fresh water pearls are being used by the jewelers in creating the ornaments of quality and class. They are a symbol of beauty and widely popular among the general masses because of affordability and a wide range of the gems to choose from. Freshwater pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are especially common as a gift to the brides, girls on their graduation and as present to the friends because they are not heavy on the pockets and can be as charming as the natural pearls. The fresh water pearls can be worn as daily wear jewelry because it is easy to carry and simple to take care of. The jewelry pieces require less effort to clean and maintain it.

Freshwater pearls are being widely used around the world as jewelry because of the accessibility and a wide variety. They make really exquisite and beautiful gifts for the loved ones and tend to be the precious present for girls.