Five Legends about Pearls and Their Significance

Five Legends about Pearls and Their Significance

Pearls have fascinated man since the most ancient of times – long before science and marine biology could explain their origin. As a result, there are many tales and wonderful myths and legends about pearls, all of which contribute to the meaning of pearls today. Their colors, quality and origin also play a role – but here are the five most fascinating tales we could find and their significance.


Legend 1: Bravery

Early Chinese civilizations believed pearls were formed in a dragon’s head and that once the pearls were full-grown, they were kept between the dragon’s teeth. To gather pearls, you had to slay the dragon. From there, pearls are associated with bravery.


Legend 2: Incredible Beauty

Centuries ago, people were so amazed by the beauty of pearls that the only way to explain it was through something else they had no control over – the weather. Persians believed that pearls were formed when a rainbow met the earth after a storm. Imperfections were created when lightning and thunder struck during the storm. And if you think of the colors reflected on the surface of a pearl, one can’t help but think they might have been onto something there.


Legend 3: Grit and Wisdom

This is not really a legend, it’s fact: making a pearl takes commitment and an ability to survive adversity, because the tiny mollusc animals that make pearls make them when a foreign object (sometimes tissue, in other cases a bead or grain of sand) is inserted into their shell. Over time, they build layers over this object and form it into something beautiful. Because of this, they are also associated with wisdom gained over time and experience.


Legend 4: Peace and Fertility

The Polynesian people believe that Oro, the god of peace and fertility, brought a Tahitian black pearl to the Ufi people which he offered to the princess Bora Bora as a symbol of his love.


Legend 5: Love and Magic

Another legend says that pearls are from when the full moon bathed in the dark ocean one night, her light and love for the ocean attracting oysters carrying black pearls to the surface. The dewdrops that formed over them in the moonlight’s beams then formed the different colors that shine from black pearls, such as green, blue and pink.


Religious Meaning

Pearls are treasured in many religions as signs of purity, commitment and love. The Greeks believed pearls would prevent a bride from crying on her wedding day, while in the Christian and Hindu religions it’s a symbol of love, union and purity.  


Why Pearls Make the Perfect Gift

Some tales are so sweet, one can easily be seduced into believing it. These are just a few of the legends about pearls. Pearls are rich with meaning and make the perfect gift for a treasured loved one. Did the love of your life just accomplish something big? Did they show commitment – or would you like to show your commitment? Perhaps you’d like to show the purity and uniqueness of your love. Choose pearls – click here to browse the Timeless Pearl collection now for the perfect Valentine’s gift.