Pearls, the Perfect Christmas Gift

Pearls, the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is almost here! Just like pearls, this joyful holiday carries a message of love, new beginnings and joy. Like pearls, it is timeless, a tradition inherited from generations of families. And the jewel and the holiday have another thing in common: traditionally, they are white.

Here are some gorgeous pieces that will make a special Christmas gift to a loved one.  


Pearls and Snowflakes

Pearls and snowflakes may be completely different things, but they have more in common than you think. For one, they are formed under difficult circumstances: either extreme cold or an oyster trying to make the best out of something implanted within its shell. What’s more, they reflect the most brilliant colors and each one of them is unique, which just ads to the beautiful message. This Colorful Snowflake Pearl Brooch and these Frozen Queen Snowflake Pearl Earrings make for ideal gifts to a loved one.  



Pearls and Christmas Animals

With pearls taking center stage here, you might think oyster. But no, we’re talking about deer. This playful Double Deers Pearl Brooch and this elegant Golden Snow White Elk Pearl Brooch remind one of the reindeer pulling the sleigh of Father Christmas – but they are understated and classy, so that they’ll be beautiful no matter what time of year you wear it.  


Keep It Timeless

Of course, a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. These Shining Stars Pearl Earrings and this Timeless Pearl Necklace are beautiful, period. No matter what the fashion, no matter how old – or young – the recipient, it’s classy. In fact, why not use Christmas to start your own heirloom pearl tradition?

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