Celebrate the Spirit of Gratitude with a Pearl of Appreciation

Celebrate the Spirit of Gratitude with a Pearl of Appreciation

The Pearl of Appreciation series is a range of pearls that represent the best metaphor for a life lived in a state of gratitude: when you are grateful for what you have, you need nothing else, and see life and its joys, big and small, for the gift it is – the same way a large, highest-grade pearl need nothing else. No fancy decorations, curls, swirls or precious metals are needed to draw attention to them. They stand out easily for their striking beauty and luster, enough to remind one of the simple wonders of life all around us. One could say it’s appreciation in material form.

So why not celebrate this Thanksgiving with one of these beauties? Their colors are not only striking, but each carries their own meaning and symbolism too. It’s the ideal gift for someone special, and a good way to remind yourself of everything you are grateful for.  


Each Color Carries Its Own Wonder

Of course, the colors of these pearls carry meaning too. For Thanksgiving, the ideal one might be white, which represents gratitude. It’s a timeless classic and the ideal gift to someone special to you. White pearls have another plus point and that’s the fact that their color matches virtually any skin or hair color: Against dark skins, they stand out more, while with lighter skin tones they emphasize the creamy, smooth quality of a light skin color. And there are other connotations with a white pearl: purity, sincerity, innocence, and love – favored for brides, and the ideal gift not only for thanksgiving but perhaps for a new bride or to a fiancé.

A black pearl of appreciation represents infinite wisdom. It invokes the Chinese legend which believed pearls were formed in the heads of dragons, perceived to be wise, and were kept in the dragon’s teeth until their death. And like white pearls, you can’t go wrong in matching it to either your style, skin tone or hair, as black has the wonderful ubiquitous quality that matches it with everything – where else would the concept of a little black dress come from? In fact, the only thing your little black dress might need is one of these black pearls of appreciation. Wear it and channel your inner sage, while invoking a sense of independence and mystery. Black pearls are also associated with riches.

A purple pearl symbolizes an artistic streak. It accentuates complexity, creates a sense of nobility and speaks to the wearer’s passion. This color is especially good for redheads, blondes and ash blondes or even grey-haired beauties. It suggests a touch of eccentricity and encourages the wearer to explore their creative, passionate side.

A natural bronze or metallic colored pearl symbolizes strength. These are a rarity and in the world of jewelry, we all know that the rarer you are, the more special you become. You can comfort yourself with the rare metallic haze of a bronze pearl knowing that it represents not only strength but also uniqueness, wealth, luxury, comfort and healing. Bronze is also a very neutral color, so though it might dazzle the eye, it will only enhance the skin tone and hair color it is paired with.

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